Modern DevTools

Modern DevTools
Modern DevTools
English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 4h 13m | 1.02 GB

A video based course to develop, debug & performance audit your websites. Level-up your web development skills and create blazing fast experiences

This course will take your web development career to the next level by turning you into a performance expert

An in-depth video course to understand front-end performance & modern web dev workflows

Build Lightning Fast Websites
Performance debugging for the modern web is more than minifying code. Boost your front-end skill set with advanced performance insights.

Develop in the Browser
DevTools as an IDE. Keep your development workflow completely in the browser and avoid constant page refreshing.

Progressive Web Apps
Delight your users with an offline-first, secure, & bug-free experience. Through this course, you will test on real-world device conditions.

Full Stack Web Dev
Learn back-end development & debugging techniques with Node.js, whether it’s third-party code, or your own.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn new performance tips & tricks
  • Use DevTools as your IDE
  • How to Performance Audit popular websites
  • Carry out accessibility audits and ensure your website is accessible to all
  • Debug JavaScript errors in production
  • Debug ES2020 with DevTools
  • Debugging Service Workers
  • Brand new DevTools experiments and how they work
  • Understand and fix memory leaks
  • Improve your website security with the Security Panel
Table of Contents

Image Performance on the Web
Visualise JavaScript performance metrics
Handling JS performance metrics
Identifying paint costs
A browser frame
Node CLI debugging
Script Execution Cost
JavaScript Debugging
JavaScript Profiling
JavaScript profiling: Gulp Edition (also applies to webpack)
A YouTube performance issue
A modern authoring workflow
local overrides on
Accessibility debugging
Making images lazy-load with DevTools
Exploring the render Performance of the National Rail website
Improving the render performance of the Google Docs website
Improving CSS based animations