Full Stack Mobile Developer course ( iOS 11, and Android O )

Full Stack Mobile Developer course ( iOS 11, and Android O )
Full Stack Mobile Developer course ( iOS 11, and Android O )
English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 47.5 Hours | 6.79 GB

Become Full Stack Mobile Developer for iOS11, and Android O using ( Swift 4, and Kotlin )

This course for anyone who want to be Be Full Stack Mobile Developer for iOS11, and Android O using (Swift 4, Kotlin, and Java) from scratch, We will start by discus all programming fundamentals that you need to start programming . We will start first by install the development environment then you will run your first app, and understand how program flow works . Then we will talk about variables and Math operation and proirites. Then we will take about logic and making decision, then we will talk about loops. Then we will talk about how to work with files.Then we will talk about functions and OOP concept that you need to use when you program apps, then we will talk about collections and which type collection you have to use for better performance depend on your app. then we will talk about multi-processing and how you could run multi-process in same time. Then you will learn how to build apps and game in Android like pockemon and tic tac toy and work with restful web services and JSON by build apps like get sunshine time. Also you will learn how to work with sqlite database to add, delete and update records, also you will learn how to use Firebase for online gaming and build social media app like twitter, and Learn how to build apps with sensors like run music when light is on and Nimbuzz vibrate when phone is shake, and more

What You Will Learn

  • Apply to jr. Full Stack Mobile developer jobs
  • Build real-world iOS and Android apps like Twitter, Facebook, chatting, My Notes, Calculator, find my age, find sunrise time, restaurant menu, and Zoo app
  • Build online games, like Pokémon, play tic tac toe online with friend
  • learn CoreML (Machine Learning)
  • Work with New Firebase from Google and Web services (RESTful API calls)
  • Use Firebase in Android, and iOS
  • Work with Core data and sqlite Database
  • Understand the programming foundation i Switf 4, and Kotlin
  • Understand the OOP
Table of Contents

1 Introduction

Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control
2 Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control
3 An Overview of DI Frameworks
4 Getting Started with Autofac

Registration Concepts
5 Overview
6 Scenario Without DI
7 Registering Types Reflection Components
8 Default Registrations
9 Choice of Constructor
10 Registering Instances Instance Components
11 Lambda Expression Components
12 Open Generic Components
13 Summary

Advanced Registration Concepts
14 Overview
15 Passing Parameters to Register
16 Property and Method Injection
17 Scanning for Types
18 Scanning for Modules
19 Summary

Implicit Relationship Types
20 Overview
21 Delayed Instantiation
22 Controlled Instantiation
23 Dynamic Instantiation
24 Parameterized Instantiation
25 Enumeration
26 Metadata Interrogation
27 Keyed Service Lookup
28 Container Independence
29 Summary

Controlling Scope and Lifetime
30 Overview
31 Instance Scope
32 Captive Dependencies
33 Disposal
34 Lifetime Events
35 Running Code at Startup
36 Summary

37 Overview
38 Why Modules
39 Using Modules
40 JSONXML Configuration with Microsoft Configuration
41 Component Options
42 Configuration of Modules
43 Summary

Advanced Topics
44 Overview
45 Registration Sources
46 Adapters
47 Decorators
48 Circular Dependencies
49 Attribute Based Metadata
50 Aggregate Services
51 Type Interceptors
52 Summary

End of Course
53 ASP.NET MVC Integration
54 Course Summary
55 Bonus Lecture Other Courses at a Discount

001 Introduction
002 Course Agenda

Learn Swift 4 Step by Step
003 Install Xcode 9 on Mac
004 Learn Swift using Online editor
005 Swift4.zip
006 Run First App in Swift 4
007 Variables
008 Var vs Let
010 Convert data Types
011 Math operations and priorities
012 App __ Find my age
013 Strings
014 Decision Making__ Logic Statement
015 Decision Making__ Simple IF
016 Decision Making__ IF-Else
017 Decision Making__ IF-ElseIF
018 Decision Making__ Nested IF
019 Decision Making__ Switch
020 Loop Control__ Simple For
021 Loop Control__ Nested For
022 Loop Control__ Repeat- While
023 Loop Control__ Control Transfer Statement
024 Collection Types__ 1-D Array Concept
025 Collection Types__ Array
026 Collection Types__ Sets
027 Collection Types__ Dictionary
028 Functions__ Simple Function
029 Functions__ Overloading
030 Functions__ Polymorphism
031 Functions__ Variable Scope
032 OOP__ The Concept Of OOP
033 OOP__ Simple Class
034 OOP__ Class initialization
035 OOP__ Inheritance
036 OOP__ Override
037 OOP__ Access Control
038 OOP__ Type Casting
039 OOP__ Protocol
040 OOP__ Extensions
041 OOP__ Enumerations

iOS APP__ Find my age App
042 Find my age Preview
043 Layout design
044 Implement App code
045 Get phone Time
046 Show Hide keyboard

iOS App__Calculator app
047 calculator preview
048 layout design
049 Add colors to app
050 Number Click_
051 Add math operations

iOS App__ Tic Tac toe game
052 Tic Tac Toy overview
053 Layout design
054 Buttons call event and Add colors
055 Find winner
056 Play with device

iOS App__ Pockemon Game
057 Pockemon Game preview
058 Add google Map using cocopods
059 Show player location on the map
060 Show Pockemon on the map
061 Catch pockemon
062 Mapview tap event

iOS App__ Zoo App
063 Zoo App preview
064 TableView Design
065 add Data to TableView
066 TableView event
067 Add to TableView

iOS App__ Restaurant Menu App
068 Restaurant App preview
069 Collection View design
070 Read from property list
071 Show foods in Collection View
072 Show Food details Design
073 perform Segue to pass data between View controllers
074 Support different device size __ Size classes

iOS App__ Web services- Find sunrise time
075 Find Sunrise time preview
076 HTTP calls preview
077 learn is JSON vs XMLS
078 App layout design
079 retrieve JSON from web service
080 Parallel process concept
081 Add parallel process to the App

iOS App __ Core Data- My Notes App
082 My note preview_
083 layout Add design_
084 Save notes to Database
085 Layout desgin for Add notes
086 Load notes
087 Segue problem
088 Delete Note_
089 Edit Note
090 Fix layout and reload data

iOS App__ Core Data __ My store App
091 My store preview
092 Build database schema
093 Add Store
094 Add item UI design
095 Load store in PickerView_
096 Load image from phone
097 Add new item
098 List items

iOS App__ Firebase__ Whatsapp App
099 Chat App preview
100 Firebaser preview
101 Firebase analytic
102 Firebase login Anonymously
103 Save to Firebase Database
104 User login to Chat room_
105 View Room chat Text

iOS App __ Firebase __ Twitter App
106 Twitter App preview
107 Firebase analytic __Connect App to Firebase
108 Design login page
109 Firebase Authentication __ Login with username and password
110 Pick image from Phone
111 Cloud Storage __ Upload images to Firebase
112 Firebase Database __ save to Firebase Database
113 User Login segue
114 Add Post design
115 Post with image
116 Post Without image
117 Post with image
118 Update post page to Show user name
119 Show person image
120 Change row height and show post date
121 Save user login info
122 Show Ads in App using AdMob

iOS App__ Firebase __ online gaming
123 Online game preview
124 import project and Connect with Firebase
125 Login to the game
126 update playing area
127 send play request
128 listen to incoming requests
129 Start play online
130 play online UI update

iOS App __ CoreML __ Detects objects present in an image
131 Object name detector preview
132 Take pick using phone Camera
133 CoreML- Computer Visionn __ Find object identification using
134 Text to speech

iOS App__ Submit iOS App to Apple Store
135 Create Apple developer account
136 Submit App to Apple Store

Learn Kotlin Step by Step
137 Install Java JDK
138 Install IntelliJ IDEA
140 Run first App
141 Define Variables
142 Var vs Val
143 Input data - ReadLine
144 Add Comments
145 Null safety
146 Convert between Data Type
147 Math operations_
148 Priorites
149 Increment and Decrements
150 App __ Find my age
151 Debug your Code step by step
152 Decision Making__ Logic Statement
153 Decision Making__ Simple IF
154 Decision Making__ IF-Else
155 Decision Making__ IF-ElseIF
156 Decision Making__ Nested-IF
157 Decision Making__ When
158 Decision Making__ Experssion IF and When
159 Loop Control__ Simple For Loop
160 Loop Control__ Nested For Loop
161 Loop Control__ While Loop
162 Loop Control__ Do-While Loop
163 Loop Control__ Return and Jumps
164 Strings
165 Collections__ 1D Array Concept
166 Collections__ 1D Array
167 Collections__ ArrayList
168 Collections__ HashMap
169 Collections__ mapOf_ Arrayof_ listOf and mutableListOf
170 Collections__ setOf and mutableSetOf
171 Functions__ Simple Function
172 Functions__ Overload
173 Functions__ Polymorphism
174 Functions__ Global and Local Variable
175 OOP __ Concept
176 OOP __ Simple Class
177 OOP __ Constructor
178 OOP __ Inhertance
179 OOP __ Visibility Modifiers
180 OOP __ Overriding
181 OOP __ Casting
182 OOP __ Super and This
183 OOP __ Interface
184 OOP __ Abstract
185 OOP __ Enum
186 OOP __ Generic
187 OOP __ Extensions
188 OOP __ Package
189 OOP __ Inner and Nested Class
190 OOP __ Lazy and Singleton design pattern
191 Try-Catch
192 Storage__ Write to File
193 Storage__ Read from File
194 Multi Threading__ Concept
195 Multi Threading__ examples

Android Kotlin__ Startup
196 Install Android Studio
197 Setup Kotlin in Android

Android Kotlin__ Find my age App
198 Find my age Preview
199 Layout design with constraint layout
200 Implement App code
201 Debug and Find Errors

Android Kotlin__ Complete Tic Tac toy game
202 Tic Tac Toy overview
203 Layout desgin with TableLayout
204 Buttons call event
205 Find winner
206 Play with device
207 Add colors

Android Kotlin__ Calculator app
208 calculator preview
209 layout design
210 Add colors to app
211 fix Design issue
212 Number Click_
213 Add math operations
214 margin buttons
215 Percent and Clean
216 Supporting Multiple Screens

Android Kotlin__ Pockemon game in Android
217 Pockemon game overview
218 Setting the project and use Google Map API
219 Add marker with image on Map
220 Request on run time permission
221 Show player location on the map
222 Place Pockemons on the map
223 Catch Pockemon

Android Kotlin__ Zoo App
224 Zoo App preview
225 ListView layout design
226 Load listView with Data
227 Load different views in ListView
228 ListView events
229 Add or Remove item to listView
230 Support Different image size

Kotlin Android__ Restaurant menu
231 Restaurant menu preview
232 Design GridView Layout
233 Load gridView with list of foods
234 Show Food details

Kotlin Android__ Web services- Find City Sunrise time App
235 Sunrise App preview
236 HTTP calls
237 Json and XML
238 City Sunrise App __ UI layout design
239 City Sunrise App__ HTTP calls and JSON read
240 Add nice Shape and rectangle for layout

Android Kotlin__ Sqlite database- My Notes App
241 My notes app overview
242 Design notes ListView
243 List dummy notes use ListView
244 Design Add notes layout
245 use Menu bar and Intent
246 Styles
247 Add notes to Sqlite database
248 list notes from Sqlite database
249 delete notes from Sqlite database
250 update notes in Sqlite database
251 Support different languages and change app icon
252 The Activity Life cycle

Kotlin Android__ Firebase- Online Tic tac toy game
253 Online game game overview
254 Connect to firebase and FirebaseAnalytics
255 Login Page desgin
256 FirebaseAuth With email and password
257 Add player info In firebase Database
258 play Game layout Design
259 Send Game Play request
260 Accept game invitation
261 Play game live
262 Notification to play game

Android Kotlin__ Firebase- Twitter and Facebook App
263 Twitter app overview
264 Desgin login layout_
265 Load image from Phone
266 upload images to firebase
267 Tweets layout design
268 Add post
269 Load posts
270 Show post user info
271 Show loading now
272 Show Ads between feeds
273 Firebase Cloud Messaging

Android Kotlin__ Media Player for play online and Local songs App
274 Media Player overview
275 Media player layout desgin
276 List songs
277 Play songs from online URL
278 Play songs from Phone storage

Android Kotlin__ Complete Alarm app
279 Complete Alarm app overview
280 Android Studio Updates
281 Layout desgin
282 Fragments
283 Broadcast Receiver and Service concept
284 Broadcast Receiver and Set alarm time
285 SharedPreferences and start app with OS
286 Show Notification

Kotlin Android__ Sensors Apps
287 Light sensor__ Run music when light goes to off in room
288 Accelerometer sensor__ Nimbuzz vibrate when phone is shake

Kotlin Android__ Firebase- Find my phone App
289 Find my Phone Preview
290 User login with phone number
291 menus for Contact and main activity
292 dummy Contact List data
293 Pick Contacts from phone
294 Save my trackers in Shared Ref
295 Firebase signIn Anonymously
296 Save user info Firebase
297 Save my trackers in Realtime- database
298 People Who I Find Dummy Data
299 People Who I Find Firebase Data
300 Load user's contacts
301 Send phone location to the server
302 Find missing phone location
303 Services Vs Broadcast receiver Updates
304 Service __ Run App in background
305 Run App with OS

Twitter App Using( PHP Web Service+MYSQL)
306 Find my Phone Preview
307 Database Schema
308 Build MYSQL database
309 PHP Web service __Register new Use
310 Connect to Firebase and Add Assets
311 Design Login and Register Pages
312 signInAnonymously
313 Select image from device and upload it to
314 Register User Call WebService
315 Disable button
316 PHP Web service __ User login
317 User Login Call WebService
318 Save user Data in Phone
319 PHP Web service __ Add tweets
320 Design List and Add posts
321 Add Post
322 PHP Web service __ List tweets
323 List Post
324 see One Person Post
325 PHP Web service __ Follow and un-follow
326 PHP Web service __ Is Follwoing

Publish Android App to Store
328 Publish App to Store

Web services
329 Note_js web services with MYSQL
330 C# with SQL server