Build a Machine Learning Bot to Trade Based on Social Media

Build a Machine Learning Bot to Trade Based on Social Media

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Build a Machine Learning Bot to Trade Based on Social Media

Since 2006, Twitter has been a continuously growing source of information, keeping us informed about all and nothing. It is estimated that more than 6,000 tweets are exchanged on the platform every second, making it an inexhaustible mine of information that it would be a shame not to use.

Fortunately, there are different ways to process tweets in an automated way, and retrieve precise information in an instant … Interested in learning such a solution in a quick and easy way? Take a look below

By taking this course, you will learn all the steps necessary to build your own Tweet Sentiment prediction model. That said, you will learn much more as the course is separated into 4 different parts, linked together, but providing its share of knowledge in a particular field (Text Mining, NLP and Machine Learning).

What you’ll learn

  • Build machine learning algorithms
  • Code in Python
  • Trade cryptocurrency automatically
  • Analyze data from Twitter
Table of Contents

a Course Overview
1 Course Overview
2 Source Files

b Mammoth Interactive Courses Introduction
3 About Mammoth Interactive
4 How To Learn Online Effectively
5 Source Files

Introduction to Python Prerequisite
6 Intro To Course And Python
7 Variables
8 Type Conversion Examples
9 Operators
10 Collections
11 List Examples
12 Tuples Examples
13 Dictionaries Examples
14 Ranges Examples
15 Conditionals
16 If Statement Examples
17 Loops
18 Functions
19 Parameters And Return Values Examples
20 Classes And Objects
21 Inheritance Examples
22 Static Members Examples
23 Summary And Outro
24 Source Files

Scrape and Process Tweets
25 Get Twitter Developer API
26 Get Latest Tweet Via API
27 Check If Tweeted About Cryptocurrency
28 Source Files

Tweet Sentiment Analysis
29 What Is Sentiment Analysis
30 Analyze Tweet Sentiment
31 Source Files

Buy Cryptocurrency Algorithmically Test with Sandbox
32 Get Coinbase Pro Sandbox API
33 Open Coinbase Pro Sandbox Account Via API
34 Test Buy From Coinbase Sandbox Via API
35 Source Files

Buy Cryptocurrency Algorithmically Real Coins
36 Get Coinbase API
37 Buy Cryptocurrency From API
38 Source Files

Run Bot All Day
39 Run Bot All Day
40 Source Files

Buy Doge with Kraken API
41 How To Access Kraken API
42 Buy Doge Algorithmically
43 Source Files

Data Analysis Other Cryptos Affected by Tweets
44 Project Preview
45 Fetch Crypto Stock Data
46 Visualize Crypto Data
47 Scrape Historical Tweets
48 Filter Tweets About Crypto Only
49 Visualize Tweet Effects On Crypto Value
50 Source Files

How to Expand Bot
51 Challenge How To Expand Bot
52 Source Files