Miro for UX: Brainstorming and Collaboration

Miro for UX: Brainstorming and Collaboration

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Miro is an online tool that allows you to develop ideas and to collaborate easily with other people. In this course, Brian Wood shows you how to employ Miro for user experience brainstorming, with methods that can also be used for wider brainstorming in general. Brian covers how to start up a collaborative session in Miro, different brainstorming project and workspace styles, how to invite new participants to your sessions, and how to set up and manage collaborative brainwriting boards and mind-mapping sessions with participants.

Table of Contents

1 Miro for brainstorming and collaboration
2 Using the exercise files

1. Get Started with Collaborative Sessions
3 Different types of brainstorming ideas
4 Setting up your boards for collaboration
5 Getting started with typical features
6 Sharing with others for collaboration
7 Collaborating basics
8 Taking it further

2. Create a Brainstorming Session with Brainwriting
9 Exploring the benefits of brainwriting
10 Setting up a brainwriting board

3. Create a Mind Map for Organizing Ideas
11 Exploring the benefits of mind mapping
12 Creating a mind-mapping board

13 Next steps