Mind-Melding Unity and Blender for 3D Game Development: Unleash the power of Unity and Blender to create amazing games

Mind-Melding Unity and Blender for 3D Game Development: Unleash the power of Unity and Blender to create amazing games

English | 2021 | ISBN: 978-1801071550 | 460 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 54 MB

Add Blender to your Unity game development projects to unlock new possibilities and decrease your dependency on third-party creators

Key Features

  • Discover how you can enhance your games with Blender
  • Learn how to implement Blender in real-world scenarios
  • Create new or modify existing assets in Blender and import them into your Unity game

Blender is an incredibly powerful, free computer graphics program that provides a world-class, open-source graphics toolset for creating amazing assets in 3D. With Mind-Melding Unity and Blender for 3D Game Development, you’ll discover how adding Blender to Unity can help you unlock unlimited new possibilities and reduce your reliance on third parties for creating your game assets.

This game development book will broaden your knowledge of Unity and help you to get to grips with Blender’s core capabilities for enhancing your games. You’ll become familiar with creating new assets and modifying existing assets in Blender as the book shows you how to use the Asset Store and Package Manager to download assets in Unity and then export them to Blender for modification. You’ll also learn how to modify existing and create new sci-fi-themed assets for a minigame project. As you advance, the book will guide you through creating 3D model props, scenery, and characters and demonstrate UV mapping and texturing. Additionally, you’ll get hands-on with rigging, animation, and C# scripting.

By the end of this Unity book, you’ll have developed a simple yet exciting mini game with audio and visual effects, and a GUI. More importantly, you’ll be ready to apply everything you’ve learned to your Unity game projects.

What you will learn

  • Transform your imagination into 3D scenery, props, and characters using Blender
  • Get to grips with UV unwrapping and texture models in Blender
  • Understand how to rig and animate models in Blender
  • Animate and script models in Unity for top-down, FPS, and other types of games
  • Find out how you can roundtrip custom assets from Blender to Unity and back
  • Become familiar with the basics of ProBuilder, Timeline, and Cinemachine in Unity