Microsoft Cybersecurity Stack: Securing Enterprise Infrastructure

Microsoft Cybersecurity Stack: Securing Enterprise Infrastructure
Microsoft Cybersecurity Stack: Securing Enterprise Infrastructure
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The rise of the hybrid cloud has rendered traditional data center infrastructure security approaches insufficient. The modern IT professional must be equipped with the knowledge and skills to defend against an array of threats, such as threat actors trying to penetrate IaaS and PaaS resources hosted in public clouds. In this installment of the Microsoft Cybersecurity Stack series, instructor Pete Zerger demonstrates how to design and implement an approach to securing your data center and cloud infrastructure from a variety of internal and external threats. Pete goes over the features and benefits of Hyper-V guarded fabric, explores shielding data in VMs on guarded fabric, explains how to manage and respond to security threats, and discusses encrypting data in Azure virtual machines.

Topics include:

  • Exploring features and benefits of Hyper-V guarded fabric
  • Implementing guarded fabric in Windows Server 2016
  • Shielding virtual machine data
  • Configuring security policies
  • Managing and responding to security alerts
  • Encrypting data at rest in Azure
Table of Contents

1 Welcome
2 What you should know
3 Documentation and lab requirements

Implementing Guarded Fabric in Windows Server 2016
4 What is guarded fabric
5 Plan your guarded fabric deployment
6 Deploy the Host Guardian Service
7 Validate the HGS cluster

Shielding Virtual Machine Data
8 What is shielding data
9 Which scenarios do shielding VMs protect against
10 What types of VMs can a guarded fabric run
11 How a shielded VM is powered on

Preventing, Detecting, and Responding to Threats
12 Introduction to Azure Security Center data security
13 Manage data collection
14 Configure security policies
15 Monitor security health of Azure resources
16 Manage and respond to security alerts
17 Monitor security health with Microsoft OMS

Encrypting Data in Azure VMs
18 Azure Data Encryption options for Azure infrastructure
19 Microsoft Antimalware for Azure VMs
20 Azure Disk Encryption for IaaS VMs
21 Azure Storage Service Encryption for Data at Rest

22 Next steps