Microsoft Azure Security Center: Securing Cloud Resources

Microsoft Azure Security Center: Securing Cloud Resources
Microsoft Azure Security Center: Securing Cloud Resources
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Microsoft Azure Security Center was designed to help you monitor security across hybrid cloud workflows, as well as detect—and quickly react to—threats. In this course, instructor Martynas Valkunas helps you deepen your understanding of how Microsoft Azure Security Center can help you keep your cloud resources safe from attackers. Martynas details how to work with the Azure Security Center console and fully utilize its functionality, as well as how to set up resources and leverage advanced cloud defense capabilities. He also shares a variety of cloud security best practices, providing recommendations for Azure data security, SQL security, network security, and more.

Topics include:

  • Azure Policy in action
  • Logging and monitoring
  • Managing data
  • Protecting SQL resources
  • Protecting virtual machines, identity, and access
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Azure data and SQL security best practices
  • Network security best practices
Table of Contents

1 Secure cloud resources with Azure
2 What you should know

Getting Started with Azure Security Center ASC
3 Azure Security Center console
4 Prerequisites and onboarding resources
5 5.mp4
6 Azure Policy and compliance
7 Azure Policy in action
8 Logging and monitoring
9 Security threat alerts
10 Alert validation
11 Planning and operations
12 Managing data in ASC

Managing Security Solutions
13 SQL information protection
14 Protecting SQL resources
15 Protecting data and storage
16 Network protection – Console and legacy networking
17 17.mp4
18 Network protection – Hardening network resources
19 Protecting virtual machines
20 Protecting identity and access

Advanced Cloud Defense
21 Adaptive application controls
22 Just-in-time VM access
23 File integrity monitoring
24 24.mp4

Azure Security Best Practices and Recommendations
25 Azure data security best practices
26 Azure SQL security best practices
27 Network security best practices part 1
28 Network security best practices part 2
29 Identity security best practices
30 IaaS security best practices

31 Next steps