Microservices: Design Patterns

Microservices: Design Patterns
Microservices: Design Patterns
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Design patterns save developers from needing to puzzle out solutions to problems that others in their industry have already encountered and solved. In this course, get up to speed with over 15 different design patterns you can leverage when building and operating microservices, as well as the common problems they can help you remedy. Instructor Frank Moley goes over decomposition, integration, data, and operational patterns, tying each pattern to the problem it solves. Learn about the API gateway pattern that can prevent chaos by providing a buffer between underlying services and client needs, the sidecar pattern that allows you to offload processing of some kind to a separate module, and much more.

Table of Contents

1 Solving microservices problems with patterns
2 Vernacular of microservices
3 Microservices and cloud native

Decomposition Patterns
4 Decomposition of a system
5 Domain-based microservices
6 Business process-based microservices
7 Atomic transaction-based microservices
8 Strangler pattern
9 Sidecar pattern

Integration Patterns
10 Gateway pattern
11 Process aggregator pattern
12 Edge pattern

Data Patterns
13 Single service database
14 Shared service database
15 Command Query Responsibility Segregation
16 Asynchronous eventing

Operational Patterns
17 Log aggregation patterns
18 Metrics aggregation patterns
19 Tracing patterns
20 External configuration
21 Service discovery