microcontroller and c programming language with tft lcd ex

microcontroller and c programming language with tft lcd ex
microcontroller and c programming language with tft lcd ex
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microcontroller and c programmin language and whatever need to learn programming for every microcontroller with example

in this course we will talk about all the basic of c programming language after that we will learn all side of microcontroller side of c programming language

then we go for more advanced stuff like how you can code so it wont get a lot of ram and rom and even how you can write code so it will be fast to execute

after that we will learn all about tft lcd and how to use them we will write some code together for it as an example to this course

What you’ll learn

  • All the basic of C programming language
  • microcontroller side of C programming language
  • All professional side of C programming language
  • How to use less ram and rom and have more speed
  • learn all about TFT LCD and how to work with them
Table of Contents

1 Introduction

MCU 01 Variable and Pins and Operations
2 Lets Begin With Some Example
3 operation priority
4 how to store value in ROM Plus TIPS
5 better way to do plus minus multiply and divide
6 How To Set One Pin Of A port of MCU
7 How to Set one pin of port wihout changing any other pin
8 How to Reset one pin of a port To Zero without changing other pins
9 how to Set one pin of port to highwith shifting
10 How you can Reset One Bit to zero with shiftin
11 lets talk about char variables
12 Variables and their limitations
13 Important Tips About Char and Unsigned Char
14 Naming of Variables Rules Of C Language
15 How to use int and float and see their diffrence
16 how to do operations
17 important tips about divide
18 tips about increamenting variable by one

MCU Printf @scanf in Depth
19 Printf Basic
20 Use Percent C Percent i Percent d Percent f in printf

MCU Loops And Decision Making
21 First kind of loop that you see in every C programming language
22 Use if and if else in loop
23 break command in loop
24 Continue command in loop
25 use switch case instead of if and show its disadvanges
26 how for loop work
27 Use float as counter in for loop
28 What ascii table is and how to use it
29 Use for loop to show some of ascii table
30 another example with for loop
31 Use for loop inside another for loop that called nested loop
32 How to use while loop like for loop and use its advangages
33 Do while loop

MCU Function
34 create a simple function that do summing for us
35 Local variable and global variable and their pro and cons
36 Use global variable in functions example
37 write a function that simplifi printf for showing an decimal value
38 How to debug and everything about debug buttons
39 How you can create function at bottom of page to work in all compilers
40 Function example . write function that get age of someone that you want
41 pro and cons of function . less rom usage or faster execution
42 Function Example . write a function that finde max value
43 Function Exampe . write function that show max value
44 Function Example . write last example without if else

45 create a char array and initiliza it and change its value and show its value
46 Example . use loop to fill array and show them
47 Example . create a function that calculate float average of some numbers
48 Example . Use for loop with array
49 Multidimential array . give it a value and access its values
50 Use nested for loop for multidimential array

MCU Pointers
51 what is pointer and how to use them
52 Example . Use pointer for input of function
53 Use pointer for input and output of function to save ram and speed

MCU Struct
54 How to create a struct and use it
55 give a value to array with strcpy function
56 Example .Use struct and array and scanf together
57 Example . Use If and printf for struct
58 Example . write a function that has struct as input

MCU Union Bitfield And Typedef
59 Everything about union
60 Show everything about union on calculator
61 Size of union
62 Use bitfiled in struct
63 Use struct professionaly
64 Use Typedef to be faster in coding
65 Use typedef with struct

MCU Preproccesprs
66 Use preproccesor define in project
67 Use If preproccesor in project
68 Use Compiler preproccesor
69 write function in preproccesor

GLC Introduction
70 Introduction to TFT(Active) displays and STN (Passive) displayse and their di
71 Introduction to RGB LCD,s and how they work
72 Introduction to mcufriend TFT lcd
73 Introduction to resistive touch screens

GLC Library
74 Look at Adafruit TFTLCD and Adafruit GFX librarys and their functions
75 All library that you need to install for TFT lcd
76 Install all library that we need from library managment
77 Include all the necessory library to our project
78 Change librarys to be able to support our TFT Lcd

GLC Text
79 Fill screen with black color
80 Change text size
81 Change text background color
82 Use Wrap function of text in tft lcds
83 Get width and height of TFT LCD
84 Print text on screen
85 Create custom color and use it in tft lcd
86 Draw vertical line
87 all about lcd screen size and use it
88 Draw custom line from start to stop
89 Create simple text animation with setcursor
90 Create text animation with for loop
91 Change text color to custom color

GLC Shapes
92 Create Rectangular shape
93 Create filled rectangular shape
94 Draw circle and fill circle
95 Draw round rectangular and filled rectangular
96 Draw triangle and fill triangle

GLC Fonts
97 introduction to fonts and their problems
98 Use custom font
99 Use seven segment font

GLC Images
100 Convert mono image to code
101 Show mono image with custom color and background color
102 animation with mono images
103 Convert RGB colored image to code
104 Show RGB colored image on tft lcd
105 Real example of bitmaps

GLC Touch Screen
106 How to read touch screen position
107 Try to find some documentation about touch screen adafruit library
108 where to connect pins of touchscreen
109 Get touch point and show it on terminal
110 Use example code for our project
111 Write code to use LCD and Touch screen together
112 Use map function to calibrate touch screen with TFT lcd