MERN Essential Training

MERN Essential Training
MERN Essential Training
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Curious about how MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js, or MERN, work together, and how to build a full-stack application with the MERN stack? In this course, instructor Emmanuel Henri shows you how. Using practical examples, he shines a spotlight on each step of the process. Learn how to set up your initial Node.js and Express server; set up your Mongo database; define the needed endpoints; create a React front end; and add a form to present data to users.

Topics include:

  • Setting up Babel in the server
  • Setting up your database and schema
  • Creating POST, PUT, and DELETE endpoints
  • Setting up a styling library
  • Creating a React front end
  • Creating forms
Table of Contents

1 Learn all about MERN
2 Base knowledge checklist
3 Introduction to MERN
4 Install MongoDB
5 Install the developer tools
6 Install Node and React
7 Babel setup in the server
8 Initial server setup
9 Server files and folders
10 Set up your database
11 Set up your schema
12 Create the POST endpoint
13 Create all items GET endpoint
14 Create specific ID GET endpoint
15 Create a PUT endpoint
16 Create a DELETE endpoint
17 Add a styling library and folder structure
18 Add the main page structure
19 Add the state and Axios
20 Create the listing component
21 Create the single item component
22 Add the form base structure
23 Finalize the form
24 Extend the application
25 Going further with MERN