Maya 2018 VFX – Learn to create Visual effects using Maya

Maya 2018 VFX – Learn to create Visual effects using Maya

English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 12.5 Hours | 3.42 GB

Learn the fundamentals of VFX by creating a realistic model and composite it into background footage using Nuke

In this intermediate level course, you will be taken through a VFX shot from start to finish by creating a crashed spaceship complete with CGI smoke!

Start by matching the movement of your real camera in the computer using Autodesk Matchmover which is available for FREE.

You will then model your spaceship using the industry standard Maya 2018 and unwrap the objects UVs so you can create textures.

You will then go on to light your shot to match the background using the industry standard Arnold renderer which is included in Maya 2018.

Finally you will output render passes using Arnold AOVs and Maya render setup, and composite them together using the industry standard compositor Nuke to make your final shot.

This course is designed to give you as much information as possible for you to create your own shots using the same workflow.

Take this course today to start creating photorealistic VFX shots!

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn the VFX pipleline for a shot
  • Matchmove or track a cameras motion in Matchmover
  • Basic hard surface modeling
  • Look development using Maya and Arnold renderer
  • Composite using Nuke
Table of Contents

Overview of this course
1 Introduction

Create a Render Layer setup and render a test frame
2 Import fluid simulation
3 Create AOVs
4 Render setup
5 Fix ground render layer

Compositing the test frame
6 Nuke – Basics
7 Nuke – Layering with the Merge node
8 Nuke – Composite the ship AOVs
9 Nuke – Adjust the final look

Final adjustments to the scene and render settings
10 Final tweaks to shaders and ground
11 Setup final render and custom ID pass

Composite the final render
12 Start compositing and add a glint in Nuke
13 Output the finished composite

How to install the software required for this course
14 How to install Matchmover on PC
15 How to install Matchmover on a Mac

16 Introduction to Matchmoving
17 How to convert your movie file into an image sequence for Matchmover and Maya
18 IMPORTANT for PC users using Matchmover
19 Introduction to Matchmover auto track
20 How to check if you have a good track
21 How to improve the solve
22 Orient the scene and export to Maya
23 Setup and test Maya scene
24 Reconstruct the ground

Create the Spaceship
25 Spaceship Modelling – Blocking out the shapes
26 Spaceship Modelling – Clean up
27 Spaceship Modelling – Blocking out the body shape
28 Spaceship Modelling – Add details to guns
29 Spaceship Modelling – Add detail to the cockpit
30 Spaceship Modelling – Add detail to the engine
31 Spaceship Modelling – Add detail to the engine flaps
32 Spaceship Modelling – Add detail to the front of the spaceship
33 Spaceship Modelling – Add detail to the wings
34 Spaceship Modelling – Add details to the body

UV unwrap the Spaceship
35 UV unwrap the cockpit
36 UV unwrap the body
37 UV unwrap the nose
38 UV unwrap the laser
39 UV unwrap the engine
40 Layout UVs

Layout the crash
41 Layout the spaceship crash
42 Camera map the ground
43 Extend the ground reconstruction
44 Sculpt the ground geometry
45 Create damage to the ship

46 Setup lighting

Look Development
47 Look Development – Base dirt
48 Look Development – Ground texture
49 Look Development – Adjust ship position
50 Look Development – Add sand texture layer
51 Look Development – Cockpit texture
52 Look Development – Specular
53 Look Development – Using the curvature node
54 Look Development – Base texture
55 Look Development – Assign shaders
56 Look Development – Paint body texture
57 Look Development – Add paint map and scratches
58 Look Development – Paint engines
59 Look Development – Paint lasers
60 Look Development – Ground shader

Fluid Smoke Simulation
61 Maya fluids – Containers
62 Maya fluids – Export the fluid simulation
63 Maya fluids – Emitters
64 Maya fluids – Fields
65 Maya fluids – Workflow
66 Maya fluids – Texturing
67 Maya fluids – Start smoke simulation
68 Maya fluids – Dynamic attributes
69 Maya fluids – Noise texture
70 Maya fluids – Cache the simulation