Mastering React Native Development

Mastering React Native Development
Mastering React Native Development
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Go beyond the basics and become an expert in React Native!

React Native has changed the way people develop Android and iOS apps. Many people are able to understand the basics, but not everyone has been able to take it to the next step; that’s where this course comes in. If you are having trouble getting your React Native app to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. This course will show you how to make an Apple and Android app (without any Java, Objective-C or Swift coding skills) that are production-ready and perform as amazingly as any native app should.

This course is the guide the author wishes had existed when he first explored advanced React Native concepts. Step-by-step walkthroughs applied to high-level topics will make it easy for you to follow along. You’ll begin by installing and implementing Redux. Once you familiarize yourself with Third Party API Integration, you’ll learn to optimize data flowing through the Redux store. Make your mobile application feel and look better with advanced animations. By learning to re-create the swiping cards concepts from apps like Tinder and Bumble, understand how to include remote and local notifications to grasp your user’s attention.

By the end of the video series, you’ll be a master of React Native and confident enough to deploy apps to your customers. Also, you’ll be able develop React Native apps with ease, and you’ll be your team’s focal point when it comes to architecting complete React Native solutions for large businesses.

This course teaches by example and is broken down into digestible chunks. Learn how to create smooth and beautiful Tinder- and Instagram-like apps—all in one course. The step by step walk-through of mastery level topics makes it easy for viewers to follow along.

  • Fully grasp Flux and Redux workflows through real-life examples, not just a Counter and To-Do list.
  • Integrate an advanced API with your app.
  • Implement React Navigation like a pro.
  • Enhance your animation skills by mimicking animations used in several popular applications.
  • Understand how notifications work on Android and iOS through React Native.
  • Leverage Google Firebase to send remote push notifications.