Mastering Predictive Analytics with Python

Mastering Predictive Analytics with Python
Mastering Predictive Analytics with Python by Joseph Babcock
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1785882715 | 334 Pages | PDF | 10 MB

Exploit the power of data in your business by building advanced predictive modeling applications with Python
The volume, diversity, and speed of data available has never been greater. Powerful machine learning methods can unlock the value in this information by finding complex relationships and unanticipated trends. Using the Python programming language, analysts can use these sophisticated methods to build scalable analytic applications to deliver insights that are of tremendous value to their organizations.
In Mastering Predictive Analytics with Python, you will learn the process of turning raw data into powerful insights. Through case studies and code examples using popular open-source Python libraries, this book illustrates the complete development process for analytic applications and how to quickly apply these methods to your own data to create robust and scalable prediction services.
Covering a wide range of algorithms for classification, regression, clustering, as well as cutting-edge techniques such as deep learning, this book illustrates not only how these methods work, but how to implement them in practice. You will learn to choose the right approach for your problem and how to develop engaging visualizations to bring the insights of predictive modeling to life
What You Will Learn

  • Gain an insight into components and design decisions for an analytical application
  • Master the use Python notebooks for exploratory data analysis and rapid prototyping
  • Get to grips with applying regression, classification, clustering, and deep learning algorithms
  • Discover the advanced methods to analyze structured and unstructured data
  • Find out how to deploy a machine learning model in a production environment
  • Visualize the performance of models and the insights they produce
  • Scale your solutions as your data grows using Python
  • Ensure the robustness of your analytic applications by mastering the best practices of predictive analysis