Mastering Odoo 12 Development

Mastering Odoo 12 Development
Mastering Odoo 12 Development
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Take your Odoo development skills to the next level by mastering cutting-edge techniques to build highly customized business applications

Odoo supplies approximately 4,500 business applications for more than 3.7 million users. It has established a network of 950 official partners in 110 countries. The introduction of Odoo 12 once again secures Odoo’s position in the market as one of the complete product of business scope. It also maintains a high level of user experience.

The primary aim of this course is to enable users to create complex and advanced apps using Odoo. The course begins with a brief guide to customizing the Odoo development environment then jumps into creating advanced apps with the Odoo framework. You will learn to include complex business logic that will make your app more reliable and efficient. Also, you will learn to integrate the Odoo environment with other frameworks.

Finally, you will master typical development pitfalls and efficient workarounds.

After completing the course, you will have learned to minimize your coding efforts and increased the usability of your apps.

This course supplies a series of videos starting with a brief introduction to the recommended tool stack for Odoo development, the new features in Odoo version 12, and the Odoo Community Association that all Odoo consultants should be part of. It then describes a real-life project with a workload of roughly 500 man-days which the author is working on.

Through the extraction of specific user requirements, you will learn how to use existing components and apply different techniques to build highly customized business applications.

This course ends with advanced techniques, such as code auditing, module debugging, and function profiling; if you master these, your profile will be in demand everywhere. It also contains a summary of common development pitfalls and their workarounds.

What You Will Learn

  • How and where to find reliable existing components for your application
  • Reviewing commonly misused techniques in Odoo
  • Handling dynamic parameters using safe_eval
  • Mastering the use of access control lists, record rules, and data field security
  • Integrating Odoo with other systems
  • Developing a customized dashboard in Odoo
  • Advanced techniques: code auditing, module debugging, function profiling, and load testing