Mastering MySQL for Web: A Beginner’s Guide

Mastering MySQL for Web: A Beginner’s Guide

English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-1032135120 | 200 Pages | PDF | 10 MB


In real-world applications, we see large amounts of data being generated on an hourly basis. How do you think we can handle this data? Correct, to solve our problems with large-sized data, MySQL shines bright as it is built to handle data pools of all sizes with ease.

Mastering MySQL attempts to explain why MySQL is considered to be one of the most popular relative databases on the market, scoring great points at critical parameters like the number of downloads, mentions in search results, and frequency of technical discussions on the internet forums. We shall look at how fast, scalable, and easy to use this database management system is compared to Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database.

MySQL is an open-source relational database management system that works on many platforms in conjunction with PHP scripts to create dynamic server-side or web-based enterprise applications. It provides multi-user access to support many storage engines and is backed by Oracle. In this Mastering MySQL guide, you will learn about database fundamentals, MySQL Workbench, MySQL basics, Normalization, Data sorting in MySQL, MySQL functions, Advanced MySQL operations, and many more exciting concepts about MySQL.

The book serves as a blueprint to walks you through the entire lifecycle of a MySQL Cluster installation: starting with the installation and initial configuration, moving through online configuration and schema changes, and completing with online upgrades. It aims to teach, step by step, about MySQL compatibility with various models, capacity to produce new models, support for common modeling activities, and management of relationships and dependencies between models and their items. In addition, this particular book shall walk you through the most common tools for generating backups in several formats and seeing what types and characteristics are there.

Learning MySQL with the help of our Mastering series will help you to quickly understand how database management systems operate in general. It can also enhance your logical thinking and problem-solving ability. Moreover, SQL skills are in high demand because almost every technical role in industries like Finance, Accounting, Web Development, Digital Marketing requires an understanding of SQL. Therefore, no need to wait anymore, go forward and learn SQL to advance your skill-set!