Mastering Advanced C Programming: Pointers (In Depth)

Mastering Advanced C Programming: Pointers (In Depth)
Mastering Advanced C Programming: Pointers (In Depth)
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Mastering pointers in C programming with Single Pointer, Double, Triple Pointer, Generic, NULL Pointers, Memory Leaks etc.

The course explain Pointers really in depth and hands on! You will learn all the concepts that are very valuable to understand the real “Funda” of Pointers which Most of the Text Books and FREE Youtube video don’t cover.

This is not a course for the beginners. This is an intermediate level course. Who have the basic knowledge in C programming and what to move to the Advance Level can really interested about pointer can take the course.

If you’ve struggled with pointers and have knowledge gap in this area then this course fits you.

This course is designed in a very scientific way, In a series of short, tightly-targeted lessons, you will learn all about:

  • computer memory and how pointers access it
  • how memory is allocated
  • what happens when you ‘cast’ pointers to specific types
  • why some pointers are ‘generic’
  • What happens if type mismatch problem occurs and how to avoid it.
  • Malloc, calloc, realloc with real hands on in depth!

With this course we provide you all the source codes in C. So just download and run your code on your IDE!

What you’ll learn

  • Get depth knowledge on Pointer
  • Able to Test Practical Knowledge with Quizzes
  • How Actually Pointers are Adjusted in Computer Memory
  • Single , Double , Triple Pointer
  • The concepts of LValue and RValue that most of us don’t know
  • Type Mismatch
  • Arithmetic Operation on Pointer
  • Pre and Post Increment Pointer
  • Generic , NULL Pointers
  • Segmentation Faults
  • Pointers with Const keyword
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Hidden Concepts of malloc , calloc, realloc that most of the programmer don’t know
  • Memory Leaks and Dangling Reference
Table of Contents

Ch 1 Introduction and Overview
1 Introduction to c pointer
2 Actually Pointers are adjusted in computer memory

Download the Study Materials
3 Download the Study Materials – DO NOT SKIP THIS

Single, Double and Triple Pointer
4 Single Pointer
5 Double and Tripal Pointer
6 Double and Tripal Pointer Practical

LValue and RValue
7 LValue and RValue

Ch 4 Type Mismatch
8 The Sideeffects of Type Mismatch

Ch 5 Arithmetic Operation on Pointer
9 The Arithmetic Operation on Pointer

Ch 6 Pre and Post Increment Pointer
10 Pre and Post Increment Pointer
11 Pre and Post increment Practical

Ch 7 Generic Pointers
12 Generic Pointers

Ch 8 Segments and Segmentation Faults
13 Introduction to Segments and Segmentation Faults

Ch 9 NULL pointer
14 Significance of NULL pointer and its Usage
15 Null Pointer Significance Practical

Ch 10 . Pointers with Const keyword
16 Pointers with Const keyword
17 Pointers with Const keyword – Practical

Ch 11 Dynamic Memory Allocation
18 Introduction to Dynamic Memory Allocation
19 realloc practical
20 How Heap is used for Dynamic Memory Allocations
21 malloc – dynamic memory allocation function
22 malloc practical & Valgrind Memory Leak checker
23 calloc – dynamic memory allocation function
24 realloc – dynamic memory reallocation function

Ch 12 Memory Leaks and Dangling Reference
25 Memory Leaks and Dangling Reference