Master Regular Expressions from scratch – All languages

Master Regular Expressions from scratch – All languages
Master Regular Expressions from scratch – All languages
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Learn how to use Regular Expressions (regex) in all programming languages from scratch. Practice by creating 8 Regex.

Master Regular Expressions from Scratch is a hands-on course for all languages. Regular Expression content in this course is for most of the Regular Expression Engines. There are some differences in implementation of Regular Expressions in different languages. We will be using a JavaScript based Regular Expression Engine in this course but the core fundamentals and how regular expressions works remains the same everywhere.

Regular Expressions are also called regex , regexp pluralized as regexes. We will be using regex throughout the course instead of Regular Expressions because it is easy to pronounce.

Regular Expressions are all about text. All things such as email, news, text messages, code, contacts and articles all these things are text. Regular Expressions are a tool that allows us to work with text by defining text patterns.

This course also contains practice examples where we will be creating Regular Expressions step by step in order to get a better understanding of how to work with regular expressions.We will create Regular Expressions for

  • Names
  • Postal Codes
  • URLs
  • Credit Card
  • Email
  • HTML Tags
  • IP Addresses
  • Password

In this course we will start learning Regular Expressions from scratch. After learning some basics we will learn about more advanced operations in Regular Expressions. At the end of this course we will practice what we have learned by practicing Regular Expressions.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Regular Expressions
1 Introduction
2 What are Regular Expressions
3 Regular Expression engines
4 Notation Convention and Modes

5 Literal Characters
6 Global Mode
7 Metacharacters
8 Escaping Metacharacters

Character Sets
9 Character Sets
10 Character Ranges
11 Negative Character Sets
12 Metacharacters inside Character Sets
13 Shorthand Character Sets
14 POSIX Bracket Expressions

Repetition Expressions
15 Repetition Metacharacters
16 Quantified Repetition Expressions
17 Greedy and Lazy Expressions

Grouping and Alternation Characters
18 Grouping Metacharacters
19 Alternation Metacharacter
20 Repeating and Nesting Alternations

Anchored Expressions
21 Start and End anchors
22 Line Breaks and Multiline Mode
23 Word Boundaries

Capturing Groups and Backreferences
24 Backreferences
25 Backreferences to Optional Expressions
26 Non-Capturing Groups

Lookaround Assertions
27 Positive Lookahead Assertions
28 Negative Lookahead Assertions
29 Lookbehind Assertions

30 Unicode

Regular Expression Practice Examples
31 Matching Names
32 Postal Codes
33 URL
34 Credit Card
35 Email
36 HTML Tags
37 IP address
38 Passwords