Master Nmap for Scanning & Security Auditing 2019 (NSE)

Master Nmap for Scanning & Security Auditing 2019 (NSE)
Master Nmap for Scanning & Security Auditing 2019 (NSE)
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The Ultimate guide to mastering Nmap and its scripting engine for penetration testers and system administrators ! !

Master Nmap for scanning and security auditing 2019, is a practical course that covers some of the most useful tasks you can do with Nmap. The course is divided into theorical lectures and practical tasks. Each Part of the lecture focuses on a single task explained with command-line examples, sample output, and even additional personal tips that I know you will find handy.

Nmap’s vast functionality is explored through many lectures and documents covering more than 120 different tasks for penetration testers and system administrators. Unlike Nmap’s official book, this course focuses on the tasks you can do with the Nmap Scripting Engine and unofficial related tools, covering the core functionality of Nmap, but without focusing on the scanning techniques that are perfectly described in the official book. Think of this course as an addition to what the official Nmap book covers.

There were many great NSE scripts I wish I had more time to explain by video but dont worry as I included them in my ebook available for download in this course and many more that will be created after its publication. I invite you to follow the development mailing list and stay up to date with Nmap’s latest features and NSE scripts.

I hope that you not only enjoy reading this cookbook, but as you master the Nmap Scripting Engine, you come up with new ideas to contribute to this amazing project.

What you’ll learn

  • Master Nmap basic & advenced functions
  • Conduct a security audit of a network
  • Explore the topology of the network and it’s live hosts
  • Scan for vulnurabilities and encryption strenght
  • Customize & optimize scans to get the best results
  • Learn about advanced information gadering & recon techniques
  • Generate well organized reports in multiple formats to suite your objectives
  • Learn about specific techniques used on windows hosts and networks
  • Master Zenmap : the Nmap official GUI for more intersting results
  • Explore the powerful NSE : the Nmap Scripting Engine to go beyond the standar capabilities
  • And much much more….
Table of Contents

1 Introduction

Getting Started
2 What is Nmap
3 Building Nmap from Source Code

The Basics of Nmap
4 Nmap Fundamentals
5 NSE Nmap Scripting Engine

Network Exploration
6 Ping Scans for network discovery
7 Conducting Reconnaissance using Nmap
8 Extarcting Informations from Windows Systems

Scaning Web Apps using Nmap
9 Vulnerability assessments on web applications

Zenmap Nmap GUI
10 The graphical user interface of Nmap

Perfecting your Nmap Skills
11 Nmap Scans Optimization
12 Generating Nmap reports

13 Conclusion