Master The Fundamentals Of Python In 90 Minutes

Master The Fundamentals Of Python In 90 Minutes
Master The Fundamentals Of Python In 90 Minutes
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With the digitalization of the modern world, programming is becoming a lot more important. It's versatility allows you to solve simple repetitive, as well as long and complex problems, and its power and breadth of application is solely dependent on the programmer. Python is a scripting language that has a very large community. It allows for very fast and easy prototyping, and the community makes complex things, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, readily useable for the public. Python is a great language to learn, as it's much easier to read and understand, but it still allows you to do whatever you want. It's perfect for your first programming language, because it has great readability, but also as your second, third, or fourth (or even more), because of how quickly you can develop in it. This course will take you through a lot of the essentials of what you'll need to be able to program, and at the end should leave you with solid fundamentals and an understanding which you can then apply to create your own programs, or which you can use to continue your learning endeavours into more advanced areas. This course is designed to not beat around the bush, and will teach you Python programming in a very short time. It does this through lectures that are to the point, as well as by providing you extra material and practice sheets that you can use to solidify your knowledge.

Table of Contents

01 Python in 90 Mins
02 Coure Structure And Outline
03 Setting Up The Python Environment
05 Indentations
06 Output to the Screen
07 Variables And Strings
08 Operations On Strings
09 Integers And Floats
10 Arithmetic Operations
11 Booleans
12 Lists
13 List Operations
14 Dictionaries
15 Tuples
16 Converting between Data Types
17 User Input
18 Global Variables
19 Functions
20 Boolean Expressions
21 If, Elif, and Else Statements
22 For Loops
23 While Loops
24 Break Continue
25 Using Modules in Python