Managing Modern Desktops: Windows 10 Manage and Protect Windows Devices, Apps, and Data

Managing Modern Desktops: Windows 10 Manage and Protect Windows Devices, Apps, and Data
Managing Modern Desktops: Windows 10 Manage and Protect Windows Devices, Apps, and Data
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The ability to manage and secure devices and applications in an increasingly mobile workforce is an essential skill for any IT administrator. Microsoft offers cloud-based management solutions that make protecting and maintaining devices easier and less costly. In this course, instructor Andrew Bettany shows you how to leverage these tools to manage and secure your devices with greater agility in a Windows 10 environment. Andrew covers security tools with Windows Defender, mobile device management tools with Intune, and monitoring tools. Plus, learn how to manage application deployment and secure data on a variety of devices. This course closely aligns to the third and fourth domains of exam MD-101: Managing Modern Desktops—Manage and protect devices and Manage apps and data.

Topics include:

  • Working with Windows Defender Security Center
  • Enrolling devices into Microsoft Intune
  • Managing devices with Intune
  • Monitoring and managing device health
  • Managing device security with Intune
  • Deploying and updating applications
  • Mobile application management with Intune
  • Implementing Azure Information Protection
Table of Contents

1 Manage and secure devices within a cloud-based environment
2 What you should know
3 Windows Defender Security Center
4 Understanding Windows Defender Application Guard
5 Understanding Windows Defender Exploit Guard
6 Understanding Windows Defender Credential Guard
7 DEMO Managing Windows Defender Credential Guard
8 Understanding Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection
9 Understanding Windows Defender Antivirus
10 Understanding Windows Defender Application Control
11 Introduction to Microsoft Intune
12 Azure Active Directory
13 Demo Enabling AAD Join
14 Enrolling devices into Microsoft Intune
15 Bulk enroll devices into MDM
16 Enrolling other platforms
17 Managing devices with Microsoft Intune
18 Managing devices with Microsoft Intune policies
19 Performing remote actions on devices
20 Device inventory reporting
21 Introduction to Device Health
22 Monitoring device health
23 Demo Managing device health
24 Monitoring device security
25 Demo Managing device security
26 Monitoring device compliance
27 Demo Managing device compliance
28 Deploying applications
29 Managing application deployment
30 Enabling sideloading of apps into Windows images
31 Gathering Office readiness data
32 Using Office readiness data
33 Understanding IE Enterprise mode
34 Demo Configuring Enterprise site list using Intune
35 Configuring and implementing Assigned Access
36 Demo Implementing Assigned Access
37 Mobile Application Management
38 Mobile Application Management policies
39 Securing data using Intune
40 Windows Information Protection
41 Demo Preventing data leakage using Windows Information Protection
42 Azure Information Protection
43 Demo Implementing Azure Information Protection
44 Next steps