How to Make a Freaking Android App

How to Make a Freaking Android App
How to Make a Freaking Android App
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Make apps for Android M – Marshmallow, using Android Studio for Mac or Windows. You will also learn Java programming!

Join Udemy’s most fun class and learn how to make your own freaking Android apps! No prior programming experience necessary.

We run through every single step from installing Android Studio (the program we use to make apps) down to making apps 3 complete apps. And we’ll never talk over your head. We’ve experienced the harsh reality of complicated and wordy tutorials and online classes. This class is what we wish we’d had when we were first learning to make apps. It’s the first class to break everything down to the level that is perfect for “newbies” so that you never feel lost, and can excel and learn quickly.

Who is this class for?

  • People who want to make apps. We will not be teaching wordy or complicated computer science philosophies. We’ll cover how to make apps that you can play with, share with friends & family, and offer to the world!
  • Beginners. You don’t need any programming experience to take this class. We’ve been the absolute beginners before and want to help you.
    People who like to have fun, you might see a mullet or two in this class
  • Entrepreneurs who have an idea for an app. Don’t pay somebody thousands to build your app. Do it yourself. Having the ability to create something you can think of is extremely powerful.
Table of Contents

Welcome and Setup
1 Welcome
2 Mac Setup
3 Windows Setup
4 Outro Dance Celebration
Your First Quiz

Java School
5 Intro
6 Your First App
7 Setup
8 Strings and Ints
9 Print
10 Variables
12 Booleans and If Statements
13 Arrays
14 Loops
15 Study Break
16 Functions
17 Classes
18 GraduationOutro
Java School Quiz

App 1 – Tip Calc
19 Intro
20 Sketch
21 Layouts
22 Layout Polish
23 Connecting Worlds
25 Working with Buttons
26 DRY Programming
27 Challenge
28 OutroDance Party
Tip Calc Quiz

App 2 – Resume
29 Intro
30 Sketch
31 Layout
32 Adding An Image
33 Moving to a New Activity
34 ScrollView
35 Calls and Email
36 Challenge
37 OutroMullet Dancing
Resume Quiz

App 3 – Dream Team
38 Intro
39 Sketch
40 ListViews
41 Responding to ListView Taps
42 Passing Info to Another Activity
43 Show the Name
44 Fill in the Stats
45 Setting the Image Programmatically
46 Challenge
47 OutroCelebration

48 Bonus Lecture Coupons