Machine Learning for iOS: Core ML and Create ML

Machine Learning for iOS: Core ML and Create ML
Machine Learning for iOS: Core ML and Create ML
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Want to incorporate machine learning into your iOS app? With the Core ML SDK and the Create ML app from Apple, you can quickly start integrating machine learning features into your projects. In this course, Emmanuel Henri covers the basics of machine learning, as well as how to work with Core ML and Create ML to add machine learning models to your apps. Emmanuel covers the different parts of the Core ML SDK, how to set up a new project using Create ML, and how to get input values into and test a model. He also steps through how to integrate your machine learning model into an iOS application and convert models from non-iOS sources.

Topics include:

  • The Core ML architecture
  • Setting up a new project with the Create ML tool
  • Testing a model with new data
  • Integrating an ML model into an iOS app
  • Converting models from other projects
Table of Contents

1 Machine learning for iOS
2 What you should know
3 Setup for using Core ML
4 Introduction to Core ML
5 Overview of the ML architecture
6 Set up a new project with Create ML
7 Get input values in the model
8 Test the model with new data
9 Preview and test
10 Base project setup
11 Exploration of the base project
12 Test before adding new model
13 Integrate your model into the iOS application
14 Final test on the simulator
15 Converting models from other sources
16 Apple documentation and videos
17 Next steps