Linux: System Security (LPIC-2)

Linux: System Security (LPIC-2)
Linux: System Security (LPIC-2)
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Security is an ever growing concern no matter which operating system you employ. This course will not only get you ready for your LPIC-2 202 exam but prepare you in securing your Linux Server.

When larger corporations and government bodies struggle with security on their computer systems you start to realize the gravity of the situation. In this course, Linux System Security LPIC-2, you will learn the foundational knowledge of securing your Linux server, giving you the opportunity to block threats before they turn into attacks. First, you will learn how to create and manage routers and route tables on your network, isolating servers from internet threats. Next, you will discover the skills behind firewalling your networks, allowing clients access with NAT, and access to servers using port forwarding. Finally, you will explore how to asses weaknesses in your OS with OpenVAS and detect intruders with the Snort IDS. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of security needed to protect your networks and Linux servers.

Table of Contents

01 Course Overview
02 Introduction to Linux Security
03 Verify the Exam Objectives
04 Summary and What’s Next
05 Creating Your Own Labs
06 Lab Networking
07 Summary and What’s Next
08 Introduction to Routing
09 Routing Tables
10 Enabling IP Forwarding
11 Persisting Routing Tables
12 Summary and What’s Next
13 Firewalls in Linux
14 Configuring NAT in Linux
15 Port Forwarding in Linux
16 Listing Firewall Rules
17 Building Firewall Rules
18 Persisting Firewall Rules
19 Summary and What’s Next
20 What Is Fail2ban
21 Listing Failed SSH Logins
22 Installing Fail2ban and Creating Jails
23 Working with the Fail2ban Client
24 Summary and What’s Next
25 OpenSSH Servers and Clients
26 SSH Server Configuration Files
27 Authenticating Servers
28 Restricting Root and User Access
29 Authenticating Clients
30 Summary and What’s Next
31 Linux FTP Servers
32 Firewalling FTP Servers
33 Installing and Configuring Pure-FTPD Server
34 Installing and Configuring VSFTPD
35 Summary and What’s Next
36 Why Monitor Your System
37 Using the Port Scanner Nmap
38 Vulnerability Scanning with OpenVAS
39 Snort Intruder Detection System
40 Summary and What’s Next
41 Creating Virtual Private Networks
42 Installing OpenVPN
43 Creating VPN Connections
44 Summary and What’s Next