Linux for Network Engineers: Practical Linux with GNS3

Linux for Network Engineers: Practical Linux with GNS3
Linux for Network Engineers: Practical Linux with GNS3
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Linux for Networking Engineers (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE etc). Practical Linux with GNS3 = network programmability & automation

It is important for you as a network engineer to learn Linux!

Why? There are many reasons including:

1) A lot of network operating systems are based on Linux, or have a Linux shell you can access, or use Linux type commands. I’ll show you an example using Cisco, Arista and Cumulus Linux.

2) Network Automation tools such as Ansible don’t run the command node on Windows. You are probably going to use Linux with tools such as Ansible, Netmkio, NAPALM and other network automation tools.

3) SDN controllers such as OpenDaylight, ONOS, RYU and APIC-EM run on Linux.You will find that many SDN tools require Linux.

4) DevOps tools such as git work best with Linux.

5) IoT devices typically run Linux

6) A new breed of network devices from companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Cumulus Linux use Linux.

There are even more reasons, but make sure you don’t get left behind! You as a network engineer start learning Linux.

This course teaches foundational Linux knowledge without assuming that you have any Linux experience. Learn practically with GNS3!

Learn how to configure Linux networking, how to create users and assign permissions, how to install and run Linux services such as DNS and DHCP.

The course uses various GNS3 topologies with devices such as:

1) Linux Docker containers

2) Linux GNS3 QEMU virtual machines

3) Traditional Linux virtual mahcines

4) Network devices – you could use Cisco, Arista, Cumulus Linux or others

Do you want to see something else added to the course? Just let me know. I like to get your feedback on ways I can improve the course and add more content that you think is relevant.

Networking is changing. Make sure you keep up to date!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn foundational Linux skills
  • Learn how to practically use Linux in your networks
  • Build Linux networks using GNS3
Table of Contents

1 Welcome to the course!
2 Udemy Tips and Tricks

Course layout
3 Need to build your own GNS3 topology

Why should you learn Linux
4 NOS Linux shells – Cisco, Arista, Cumulus Linux
5 Linux Network Operating systems Cisco, Arista and more
6 Cisco IOS Linux commands (Part 1)
7 Cisco IOS Linux commands (Part 2)
8 It’s just a CLI
9 Rise of the machines

GNS3 Linux Networks Part 1
10 DHCP Server
11 Ubuntu Server Manual IP address configuration and testing
12 Theory or labs
13 DHCP Client
14 NAT and Internet testing
15 Static Linux Docker Container PC
16 Network Testing DHCP, Static, DNS, Internet
17 Ubuntu Desktop QEMU VM
18 Ubuntu Server Download and VMware import
19 Ubuntu Server installation
20 Integrate Ubuntu Server Virtual Machine with GNS3

Linux Fundamentals Which Linux distro
21 Which Linux distro should you learn
22 Red Hat, CentOS and Fedora
23 Debian, Ubuntu, Mint

Linux Fundamentals Text Editors
24 Why Text Editors
25 nano and vi introduction
26 vi shortcuts and why learn vi
27 nano overview and shortcuts
28 Interactive VIM Tutorial

Linux Fundamentals
29 Root = power
30 Linux Prompt Basics
31 Get Help! And Version determination
32 Fix GNS3 issue
33 ifconfig deprecated

Linux Fundamentals File Systems
34 File Systems
35 tree and directories
36 Linux Directory Hierarchy Part 1
37 Linux Directory Hierarchy Part 2
38 Linux Directory Hierarchy Part 3

Linux Fundamentals Files, tools, owners, permissions
39 ls. help, man, grep, more and less
40 Abbreviated and long arguments, owners, groups and permissions
41 Owners, groups and basic permission example
42 Linux is about choice cat. less, more

Linux Fundamentals Copy, move, delete
43 Copy, move and delete part 1
44 Copy, move and delete Part 2
45 Never do this!

Linux Fundamentals Users, Groups, Passwords
46 Introduction
47 Why
48 Shells, Home Directories, Groups
49 bash, home directories and permissions
50 Add users
51 Modify users
52 Groups
53 Passwords
54 Password Settings

Linux Fundamentals Permissions
55 Linux Permissions Part 1 Introduction
56 Linux Permissions Part 2
57 Linux Permissions Part 3
58 Linux Permissions Part 4 Absolute Permissions
59 Linux Permissions Part 5 Relative Permissions

60 Linux Processes Part 1
61 Linux Processes Part 2

Linux Fundamentals Software Installation
62 Software Install Part 1
63 Software Install Part 2

Put Linux to Work TFTP Server
64 Use Linux practically
65 Find and install a TFTP server
66 Configure and test TFTP

Put Linux to work DNS Server
67 Dnsmasq introduction
68 Dnsmasq install and configuration
69 Testing and Wireshark captures
70 Cisco Router using dnsmasq DNS server

Put Linux to work DHCP Server
71 Configure and test Linux DHCP server
72 Test network with extra host
73 View address leases

Put Linux to work Linux Switch
74 Replace GNS3 switch with a Linux Switch

Additional Content
75 Free access Cumulus Linux Course
76 Additional Content

GNS3, Docker, Open vSwitch, SDN, OpenDaylight and OpenFlow
77 SDN Linux networks
78 SDN Part 2 Ubuntu Docker Container, OpenDaylight, Python
79 SDN Part 3 Ubuntu Docker Container, OpenDaylight, Python
80 SDN Part 4 Ubuntu Docker Container, OpenDaylight, Python
81 GNS3 Talks Create a Docker based network using OVS and Linux Containers
82 OpenFlow captures using Wireshark, Docker containers, OpenDaylight
83 OpenFlow FLOW MOD, PACKET IN, PACKET OUT & more captures using Wireshark
84 Docker, Open vSwitch, SDN and OpenFlow Part 1
85 Docker, Open vSwitch, SDN and OpenFlow Part 2
86 Docker, Open vSwitch, SDN and OpenFlow Part 3
87 Docker, Open vSwitch, SDN and OpenFlow Part 4
88 Docker, Open vSwitch, SDN and OpenFlow Part 5
89 Docker, Open vSwitch, SDN and OpenFlow Part 6
90 Docker, Open vSwitch, SDN and OpenFlow Part 7
91 SDN Part 1 Ubuntu Docker Container, OpenDaylight, Python

GNS3 Install
92 GNS3 Installation
93 GNS3 Install VMware Workstation Pro
94 Download Cisco IOS images and use in GNS3
95 CML (VIRL 2.0) Install Part 1
96 CML (VIRL 2.0) Install Part 2
97 EVE-NG Installation
98 EVE-NG Cisco Images
99 DevNet Free CML

GNS3 Setup
100 GNS3 2.1 Install Part 1 Components and software requirements
101 GNS3 2.1 Install Part 10 Cisco VIRL and Dynamips network!
102 Network Automation Container Part 1
103 Network Automation Container Part 2
104 Ubuntu Docker Container Part 1
105 Ubuntu Docker Container Part 2
106 Ubuntu Docker Container not getting DHCP IP address troubleshooting (Part 1 )
107 Ubuntu Docker Container not getting DHCP IP address troubleshooting (Part 2)
108 Nexus 9K import and configuration (Part 1)
109 Nexus 9K import and configuration (Part 2)
110 Cumulus Linux import and configuration (Part 1)
111 GNS3 2.1 Install Part 2 GUI install
112 Cumulus Linux import and configuration (Part 2)
113 Cumulus Linux Import and Configuration (Part 3)
114 Arista import and configuration (Part 1)
115 Arista import and configuration (Part 2)
116 Ubuntu Desktop Qemu VM appliance
117 GNS3 NAT Node
118 GNS3 2.1 Install Part 3 Troubleshooting GNS3 installation issues Windows 10
119 GNS3 2.1 Install Part 4 Basic GNS3 Network (your first network)
120 GNS3 2.1 Install Part 5 Where do I get Cisco IOS images
121 GNS3 2.1 Install Part 6 Cisco IOS network using Dynamips
122 GNS3 2.1 Install Part 7 GNS3 VM, VIRL and switching
123 GNS3 2.1 Install Part 8 GNS3 VM, VMware 14 issues
124 GNS3 2.1 Install Part 9 Cisco VIRL IOSv import into GNS3