Linux: Email Services (LPIC-2)

Linux: Email Services (LPIC-2)
Linux: Email Services (LPIC-2)
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Postfix is a common SMTP server in Linux with Dovecot providing client POP3 and IMAP access. This course will teach you how to install and manage email services on Ubuntu 16.04 Linux.

Do you need to be the Linux Administrator who can resolve and manage the corporate email system? In this course, Linux: Email Services (LPIC-2), you will gain the ability to setup and manage Linux based email systems as well as prepare yourself for the LPIC-2 exam. First, you will learn to make use of Debian variables to ensure you are presented with the full installation script for Postfix, the SMTP service in Linux. Next, you will discover how to secure SMTP with TLS using STARTTLS, utilizing the single port 25. Finally, you will explore how to configure and manage POP3 and IMAP services with Dovecot. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Linux Email services required by the LPIC-2 202 exam.

Table of Contents

01 Course Overview
02 Welcome to Linux Email Services
03 Reviewing Objectives on the LPI Website
04 Summary and What’s Next
05 What Is Required to Set up the Lab
06 Verify Your Lab Setup
07 Summary
08 Understanding Postfix Installation and Testing
09 Installing Postfix Without Debian Variables
10 Installing Postfix with Debian Variables Set
11 Understanding Email Aliases
12 Understanding Email Quotas
13 Testing Local Email Delivery
14 Summary and What’s Next
15 Configuring a Postfix Server
16 Testing Remote Delivery and Reading Logs
17 Understanding the Postfix Queue
18 Correcting the Configuration of Postfix
19 Flushing the Mail Queue
20 Summary and What’s Next
21 Securing SMTP with TLS
22 Reading and Regenerating Default Certificates and Keys
23 Creating Self-signed Certificates
24 Postfix TLS Settings
25 Working with STARTTLS
26 Configuring an Independent SMTPS Port
27 Summary and What’s Next
28 Introducing Remote Mail Delivery
29 Installing and Configuring Dovecot
30 Using Mutt to View Mail Remotely
31 Filtering Email with Sieve
32 Summary and What’s Next