Linux Command Line for Beginners

Linux Command Line for Beginners
Linux Command Line for Beginners
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Learn more about basic Linux System Administration

This course is for someone who needs basic training in Linux, someone who is already in IT and wants to add a new skill. It is specifically designed for those who have been really busy with their work and don’t have enough time. Now you don’t have to stay awake at night or sneak out of your lunch break. You will learn so many Linux commands in just 2 days. Sounds unreal? Well take a look at my syllabus: –

  • Understanding of Linux
  • What is Oracle Virtual Box?
  • Oracle Virtual Box Installation, Creating a virtual machine
  • Linux Distributions, Linux Installation
  • Download and install Putty, Connect Linux VM via Putty
  • Changing Password, Introduction to File System
  • File system structure description
  • File system navigation commands, Directory listing overview
  • Creating Files and Directories,File Permissions (chmod), File Ownership (chown, chgrp)
  • Getting Help (man, what’s etc.)
  • Adding text to file, Pipes ( | )
  • Quiz, Homework, and Handouts
  • File Maintenance Commands, File Display Commands
  • Filters / Text Processing Commands (cut, sort, grep, awk, uniq, wc)
  • Finding System Information (uname, cat /etc/redhat-release, cat /etc/*rel*, dmidecode)
  • Linux File Editors (vi text editor)
  • User account management
  • Switch users and Sudo access
  • System utility commands (date, uptime, hostname, which, cal, bc etc.)
  • Processes and schedules (systemctl, ps, top, kill, crontab and at)
  • OS Maintenance Commands (shutdown, reboot, halt, init etc.)
  • System Monitoring Commands (top, df, dmesg, iostat 1, netstat, free etc.)
  • Shell scripting, Basic Shell scripts, Aliases, Command history
  • Enabling Internet in Linux VM
  • Network Files and Commands (ping, ifconfig, netstat, tcpdump, networking config files)
  • System Updates and Repositories (rpm and yum), System Run Levels

This course is designed for you to understand the importance of Linux and will help you learn it in two days.


  • Linux basic system administration
  • Efficient in basic Linux command line
  • A very well understanding of how Linux works