Lightweight Kubernetes with K3s

Lightweight Kubernetes with K3s
Lightweight Kubernetes with K3s
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Deploy apps to Raspberry Pi devices using lightweight k3s

Lightweight Kubernetes k3s is designed for edge computing, IoT, CI, and ARM. If you’re working with something as small as a Raspberry Pi, k3s allows you to use Kubernetes for production workloads. k3s simplifies the operations, reducing the dependencies and the steps needed to run a production Kubernetes cluster.

In this course, you will learn about k3s; why k3s is needed; its real-world applications; what you need to run k3s on the edge; how you can develop an operational model for single-node and clustered edge environments using k3s; and also how to manage hundreds of micro-clusters using k3s. You will learn about the practical use cases for which we need to apply the implementation of a lightweight framework that can be used to make development easier and more efficient.


  • Create highly available Kubernetes clusters in Google Cloud
  • Build a CI/CD solution to deploy the cloud-native application using Google Cloud services such as Cloud Build, Cloud Source Repositories, and more
  • Leverage DevOps techniques and processes such as Infrastructure as Code, and automation
  • Learn about the latest Google Cloud services and DevOps practices used to deploy modern applications in a cloud-native environment
  • Create an end-to-end continuous delivery workflow for your deployment
  • Learn to use Google Cloud services such as Cloud Functions, Google Kubernetes Engine, and more
Table of Contents

Lightweight k3s – 5 Less than k8s
1 The Course Overview
2 A Lightweight Kubernetes – k3s
3 Differences Between k8s and k3s
4 k3s Components
5 k3s Use Cases

Building Lightweight Clusters with k3s
6 Running a k3s Master Node with Vagrant
7 Adding Worker Nodes to the k3s Cluster
8 A Closer Look at k3s Server and Agent
9 Deploying Our First Application
10 k3d in Docker

Running Raspberry Pi Edge Nodes in k3s
11 k3s Specialities – Edge Nodes, IoT and Arm
12 Using Raspberry Pi as an Edge Node with k3s
13 Vagrant in k3s
14 Why the IoT Needs Kubernetes
15 Nginx Application to Edge Computing with Lightweight Kubernetes