Leveraging Cloud Computing for IoT

Leveraging Cloud Computing for IoT
Leveraging Cloud Computing for IoT
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The Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based providers are bound at the hip; however, most people don’t understand how, why, or what it all means. For anyone looking to move into the world of IoT and procure information about what’s working (and what’s not) in the relationship between IoT and various cloud providers, this course is a great place to start. Instructor David Linthicum provides an overview of what IoT is and explains how it’s related to cloud computing. He also explores specific IoT-related tools, including those from AWS and Azure, and walks through the development of an IoT-based cloud solution.

Topics include:

  • What’s an IoT device?
  • Processing and storing IoT data
  • The history of IoT in the cloud
  • Use cases for IoT in the cloud
  • Creating IoT systems using AWS IoT
  • Working with Azure IoT Hub
  • Determining your requirements before building an application
  • Designing IoT systems for use on the cloud
  • Building and training the knowledge base
  • Figuring out the likely cost of IoT systems
Table of Contents

1 Intro to Internet of Things (IoT) on cloud platforms
2 What you should know

IoT Basics
3 What is an IoT device
4 IoT data
5 IoT data processing
6 IoT data storage at the edge and in the cloud
7 IoT growth in the cloud

IoT in the Cloud Use Cases
8 Healthcare
9 Finance
10 Law enforcement
11 Manufacturing
12 Education

Amazon Web Service IoT Platform
13 Design
14 Build
15 Deploy
16 Operate
17 Demo

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub
18 Design
19 Build
20 Deploy
21 Operate
22 Demo

IoT on the Cloud Solutions Walkthrough
23 Requirement
24 Design
25 Build
26 Train
27 Deployment

Other Considerations
28 Performance
29 Cost
30 Operations
31 Security
32 Governance

33 Addional resources