Learning VMware vSAN

Learning VMware vSAN
Learning VMware vSAN
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vSAN is a popular software-defined storage solution from the leading virtualization company, VMware. This training course provide complete coverage of vSAN, including conceptual lessons and hands-on demos using the free labs at VMware.com. You can learn how to configure, monitor, and manage vSAN, and explore the different vSAN architecture options. VMware Certified Instructor Rick Crisci also covers important operations and maintenance considerations, such as high-availability configuration and vSAN recovery procedures. Plus, review popular deployment options: two-node clusters and stretched vSAN clusters.

Topics include:

  • Managing vSAN capacity with disk groups
  • Comparing hybrid and flash architecture
  • Defining vSAN storage policies
  • Configuring a vSAN network
  • Configuring high availability
  • Performing vSAN maintenance operations
  • Deploying vSAN in two-node clusters
Table of Contents

1 Introduction to vSAN
2 vSAN basic architecture
3 vSAN vs. storage array
4 Resources

vSAN Basics
5 Disk groups
6 Hybrid vs. flash

Storage Policies
7 vSAN object storage
8 Storage policies part 1
9 Storage policies part 2
10 Fault domains

Configure vSAN
11 Demo – Configure vSAN network
12 Demo – Create a vSAN cluster
13 Demo – Storage policies
14 vSAN encryption

vSAN Operations
15 Failure scenarios
16 vSAN and HA part 1
17 vSAN and HA part 2
18 Demo – Host failures in a vSAN cluster
19 Demo – vSAN maintenance part 1
20 Demo – vSAN maintenance part 2
21 Demo – vSAN disk removal

vSAN Deployment Options
22 Stretched vSAN cluster
23 Two-node clusters