Learning React Native

Learning React Native
Learning React Native
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Get up and running with React Native, the popular framework for building native applications that run on both iOS and Android using React. Instructor Alex Banks introduces you to the framework and steps through how to use it to build applications in JavaScript. Using practical examples, Alex helps you get started with components, views, and platform APIs. He takes you through setting up your first app, creating style sheets, working with flexbox, adding data points to a list, collecting data from users, implementing navigation, adding touch responses, and more.

Table of Contents

1 Framework of learning React
2 What you should know
3 Using the exercise files
4 What is React
5 What is React Native
6 How React Native works
7 What is Expo
8 Installing the Expo client
9 Creating a Snack
10 Creating a new project
11 Running a project on a device
12 Native components
13 Native APIs
14 Creating style sheets
15 Flexbox layouts
16 The Image component
17 Responding to touches
18 Using a touchable highlight
19 Extracting a custom component
20 Importing a custom component
21 Using a flat list
22 Creating a form
23 Collecting input
24 Creating a custom hook
25 Using AsyncStorage
26 React Navigation
27 Navigating between screens
28 React Navigation comes with an API that allows us to navigate from screen to screen. In this video, see how to incorporate navigation from the home sc
29 Fetching data
30 Using RefreshControl
31 Installing an iOS simulator
32 Installing an Android AVD for Mac
33 Installing an Android AVD for Windows
34 Publishing your Expo project
35 Building for iOS devices
36 Building for Android devices
37 Ejecting from Expo
38 Next steps