Learning Microsoft SQL Server 2019

Learning Microsoft SQL Server 2019
Learning Microsoft SQL Server 2019
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Never worked with a database before? In this course, Adam Wilbert goes over the most important features of working with SQL Server 2019, providing brand-new users with a first look at how the server operates. Instructor Adam Wilbert introduces the main working environment, SQL Server Management Studio, and walks you through how to create tables, define relationships, and write and run queries with Transact-SQL commands. Upon wrapping up this course, you’ll know everything you need to accomplish to create your first database. Start watching to quickly get up and running with this professional-grade database management system.

Topics include:

  • What is SQL Server?
  • Configuring the server
  • Creating a new database and data tables
  • Joining tables with keys
  • Creating a SELECT statement
  • Writing an UPDATE statement
  • Adding data with the INSERT statement
Table of Contents

1 Transform your powerful data with SQL Server E9
2 What you should know

Get Started with SQL Server
3 What is SQL Server
4 Understand the editions of SQL Server
5 Install SQL Server

Work with the Server
6 Configure and start the server
7 Log into the server
8 Locate SQL Server documentation

SQL Server Management Studio
9 Tour the SSMS interface
10 Install a sample database
11 Create a new database on the server
12 Understand SQL data types
13 Create a data table
14 Join tables together with keys

Write Transact-SQL Commands
15 Create a SELECT statement
16 Use functions to calculate values
17 Write an UPDATE statement
18 Add data with an INSERT statement
19 Create a view of the data

20 Next steps