Learning Lean IT

Learning Lean IT
Learning Lean IT
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How capable are you, your team, and your organization of responding quickly and efficiently, with quality and continuous improvement, to demands placed on you at high velocity? Lean IT provides a core set of principles, models, and practices to take your capabilities to the next level. This course covers that core set, including concepts such as value, value streams, flow, pull, and perfection. It helps you leverage lean for the current realities and driving needs in IT, especially “continuous everything.” Follow along with instructor David Pultorak to learn the basics of lean IT and prepare for the Lean IT Foundation exam. By the end of the course, you should be able to understand lean IT concepts and apply them to achieve high velocity and quick time to value, quality, and continual improvement.

Topics include:

  • Value stream terminology
  • Value stream techniques
  • Flow terminology and techniques
  • Pull terminology and techniques
  • Perfection terminology and techniques
  • Lean improvement terminology and techniques
  • Lean management terminology and techniques
  • Preparing for lean certification
Table of Contents

1 Increase velocity with Lean IT
2 Basic concepts of Lean IT
3 What you should know
4 What is value
5 Value stream terminology
6 Value stream mapping symbols
7 Value stream techniques
8 Waste and its detection
9 What is flow
10 Barriers and enablers of flow
11 Flow terminology and techniques
12 Flow concepts
13 What is pull
14 Pull terminology and techniques
15 What is perfection
16 Perfection terminology and techniques
17 Lean improvement terminology
18 Lean improvement techniques
19 Lean management terminology
20 Lean management techniques
21 Lean IT certification scheme
22 Choose a training provider
23 Exam preparation
24 Exam-taking strategies
25 What to expect on the exam
26 Next steps