Learning the JavaScript Language

Learning the JavaScript Language
Learning the JavaScript Language
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JavaScript is the lingua franca of the web, but before using it to create dynamic websites, you need to understand how it works. In this course, Joe Chellman explores the syntax behind the JavaScript language. He shows how to “speak” JavaScript by gaining an understanding of variables, types, objects, arrays, operators, control structures, loops, and functions, through a series of hands-on examples that put these ideas into action. After completing this course, most developers will grasp the core syntax of JavaScript and how this scripting language works to build powerful and complex functionality on the web.

Topics include:

  • Using a text editor
  • Declaring and assigning variables
  • Booleans and the quest for truth
  • Working with objects and arrays
  • Using operators and control structures
  • Iterating with loops
  • Objects, references, and functions
  • Promises, async, and await
Table of Contents

1 Learn the language of the internet
2 What you should know
3 Using the exercise files

Getting Started
4 Syntax Learning to read and write
5 Versions of JavaScript
6 Places to tinker with JavaScript
7 Our friend the text editor
8 Additional helpful resources

Variables and Types
9 Declaring and assigning variables
10 Strings
11 String properties and methods
12 Numbers
13 Booleans and the quest for truth

Objects Arrays and More
14 Objects
15 Objects for modeling data
16 Manipulating objects
17 Jargon References and objects
18 Arrays
19 Manipulating arrays
20 Readability Whitespace
21 Readability Comments
22 Regular expressions

Operators and Control Structures
23 Simple comparisons
24 Arithmetic operators
25 Logical operators
26 Conditionals If
27 Conditionals Switch
28 Terse ifs
29 Ternary operator
30 Type checking

Iterating with Loops
31 For loops Sequential
32 For loops Enumerative
33 While loops

34 Basic functions
35 Arguments in functions
36 More on arguments
37 Objects references and functions
38 Functions are objects
39 Jargon Scope in JavaScript
40 Variable scope in functions
41 Jargon Callback functions

More Advanced Pieces
42 Asynchronous code The waiting is the hardest part
43 Promises async and await
44 Object-oriented JavaScript Prototypes and classes
45 Jargon Strong vs loose typing
46 Modern JavaScript tooling

47 Next steps