Learning IoT Development with Azure

Learning IoT Development with Azure
Learning IoT Development with Azure
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The Internet of Things (IoT) connects the billions of interconnected devices around the world, and is an essential skill for the modern developer. But where does one start? Microsoft Azure is a compelling platform for experimentation, offering a robust toolset for IoT application development, deployment, and monitoring. This course covers the Azure IoT offering, walking developers through the process of building an easy and manageable IoT environment. Learn how to create and manage an IoT hub, register real devices to the hub, perform actions like provisioning and bidirectional communications, and interpret analytics into actionable procedures. Instructor James Timberlake also shows how to perform common administrative tasks, such as scheduling device jobs and managing users.

Topics include:

  • Connecting to IoT central
  • Adding and viewing data
  • Adding properties and commands
  • Creating actions with custom rules
  • Connecting to a real device
  • Changing device settings
  • Performing actions on a device
  • Scheduling device jobs
Table of Contents

1 Start developing for the Internet of Things (IoT) world
2 What you should know

Setting Up Your IoT Environment
3 What is IoT
4 Connection to Azure IoT Central
5 Adding useful data Device telemetry status
6 Viewing your analytic data

IoT Analytics
7 Adding useful data Events and settings
8 Adding properties and commands
9 Create actions through custom rules
10 Migrating devices
11 Customizing a dashboard

Connecting to a Real Device
12 Prepare to add a device
13 Register a device
14 Provision a device
15 Send measurements through a device
16 Change device settings in real time
17 Perform actions on a device through commands

Administrative Duties
18 Schedule device changes through jobs
19 Managing users

20 Next steps