Learning Google Cloud IoT Core

Learning Google Cloud IoT Core
Learning Google Cloud IoT Core
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The Internet of Things (IoT) has infused an array of devices—from watches to doorbells—with features that keep us more connected and informed than ever before. But with IoT devices becoming more mainstream, developers and IoT architects need tools that support them as they create, deploy, and secure an increasing number of IoT devices. Google Cloud IoT Core—a fully managed service for connecting and managing IoT devices—is one such tool. In this course, learn how to build out IoT applications with Google Cloud IoT Core. Instructor Lee Assam details the challenges of scaling IoT, and then explains how to provision and secure edge devices, set up a virtual device, set up a connected edge device, use an IoT gateway, and more.

Topics include:

  • Challenges of scaling IoT
  • Google Cloud IoT Core security
  • Setting up a virtual device
  • Configuring an edge device
  • Setting up a connected edge device
  • Using an IoT gateway
  • Best practices for large-scale IoT deployments
Table of Contents

1 IoT and the Google Cloud platform
2 What you should know
3 Understanding IoT terminology
4 Challenges of scaling IoT
5 What is Google IoT Core
6 Understanding the software tooling
7 Installing the Google Cloud SDK
8 Installing the Arduino IDE
9 Installing the USB to UART driver
10 Prepare your Raspberry Pi SD card
11 Configuring Raspbian
12 Google IoT Core security
13 Provisioning and securing edge devices
14 Virtual device overview
15 Creating a project
16 Configuring an edge device
17 Observing telemetry Data
18 Virtual device summary
19 Description of the overall project
20 Set up the project in IoT Core
21 Review sample project code
22 Making code changes
23 Observing telemetry data
24 LED circuit changes
25 Challenge LED coding changes
26 Solution LED coding changes
27 Testing the result
28 Description of IoT Gateway project
29 ESP32 and DHT22 circuit wiring
30 Google Cloud Console setup
31 Gateway code for Raspberry Pi
32 Gateway setup in Google Cloud
33 Running the Gateway server
34 Code for ESP32
35 Testing the circuit
36 Challenge Humidity
37 Solution Humidity
38 Architecture best practices
39 Cleaning up your projects
40 Next steps