Learning FreeNAS

Learning FreeNAS
Learning FreeNAS
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Based on FreeBSD and OpenZFS, FreeNAS provides a flexible and open-source solution for providing storage services on a network. In this course, Scott Simpson helps system administrators get up and running with this popular operating system. Scott details how to plan an installation and configure FreeNAS, as well as how to use both the console and web interface. He also highlights the advantages of ZFS—the file system, RAID controller, and volume manager that FreeNAS relies on; details how to add and manage storage; and explains how to provide network file services to clients.

Topics include:

  • Using both the console and web interface
  • Creating and working with ZFS pools
  • Adding storage to your FreeNAS system
  • Recovering from storage failures
  • Sharing storage on the network
  • Hosting virtual machines and jails with FreeNAS
Table of Contents

1 FreeNAS
2 Lab setup
3 Planning a FreeNAS installation
4 Installing FreeNAS
5 Using the console interface
6 Exploring the web interface
7 System configuration
8 Understanding ZFS
9 Create a ZFS pool
10 Configuring virtual devices
11 Adding and modifying datasets
12 Working with ZFS pools
13 Adding storage
14 Recovering from storage failures
15 Snapshots
16 Console storage administration
17 Sharing storage on the network
18 Managing users and groups
19 Shared storage for groups
20 Import information from other disks
21 Managing services
22 Jails, virtual machines, and plugins
23 Backups and replication
24 Upgrading software and hardware
25 Next steps