Learning Ethereum 2.0

Learning Ethereum 2.0
Learning Ethereum 2.0
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Build powerful Blockchain for decentralized and secured apps

Ethereum is a popular open-source, public, blockchain-based platform for building smart contracts and highly-secure decentralized applications. Ethereum is expected to gain immense market strength with the addition of increased scalability feature introduced in Ethereum 2.

This course will help you get you up and running with Ethereum 2. You will be introduced to Ethereum’s main concepts to build blocks of Ethereum to create a basic Hello world app and explore the life cycle of the contract. With the help of engaging and practical information, you will understand Ethereum 2’s functionalities and methodologies to create contracts for real use cases like Reviews, Secure Mailing and more. You will learn what are smart contracts and decentralized apps (dApps). Learn to create complex contracts as well as a fun action game (an Election Voting dApp). You will how Ethereum stays out of the herd by learning about Ethereum’s Network, problems, solutions.

By the end of the course, you will be able to get started with Ethereum 2 for your decentralized and secure requirements.

This course covers excellent examples for getting started with Blockchain and smart contracts for secure transactions from scratch. Practical sessions cover each of the concepts from building Contracts and deal with Security to learning about Ethereum’s Network, problems, solutions in a systematic manner.

What You Will Learn

  • Explore new features of Ethereum 2.0 to explore its structure and development tools
  • Grasp the Ethereum’s basic principles and advanced secure methods.
  • Build blockchain projects on Ethereum, addressing real problems
  • Build your own cryptocurrency tokens with various add-ons.
  • Write smart contracts for a fun action game to improve skills
  • Build DApps to make your contracts user-friendly
  • Code the class contracts for our characters in an end-to-end game
  • Compare & Learn Ethereum’s Network, problems, solutions