Learning Database Development with SQL

Learning Database Development with SQL
Learning Database Development with SQL
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Get a head start on your aspiration of becoming a SQL developer

Get started with SQL if you haven't yet! And explore SQL queries using the ever popular Microsoft SQL Server.

While Database management is a complicated process, SQL is the cost-efficient database management system. With this powerful and easy-to-use query language, tackle large datasets efficiently.

It has gained popularity in the recent years because of its dynamic and rich analytical capabilities. With this course, get a solid foundation in SQL and design efficient flexible database. Learning Database Development with SQL will help web- and back-end developers create robust SQL relational databases from scratch. This is a useful skill to have when wanting to create web-based applications.

This course will introduce them to all the fundamental and essential concepts of SQL. From designing your database to creating a simple web-application that stores data in a SQL database, learn all the quintessentials with ease. All examples are created by using SQL Server, an open-source RDBMS that can run on many platforms. We start off with a brief introduction to databases and database designs. We will swiftly move on to the fundamentals of SQL server and SQL and help you in creating their own relational databases.

This is the ideal course you need, to get a started with most highly in-demand skills--SQL and database management! Take your first step towards becoming a database administrator or a data analyst today.

Key Features

  • Fundamental information regarding SQL server
  • Basic idea about SQL database design and how to create your very first database
  • Design databases, tables, complex views, queries, functions and stored procedures through hand coding, point-and-click, or a mix of both
  • 16 assessment questions specific to the course
  • Supporting text files for theoretical information

Who this course is for
This course is particularly for novice web-based developers and SQL developers. This can be taken by anyone from newbies to database aficionados.

What You Will Learn

  • Understanding the basics of SQL server
  • Setting up the working environment for SQL server
  • Configuring and establishing connections
  • Introduction to database designs
  • Monitoring tables and usage of database metadata
  • Build a modern single-page web application
  • Understand the workflow of an Aurelia application
  • Design reusable web components, which can be shared and integrated into various frameworks and libraries
  • Write clean, modular, and testable code that will be easy to maintain and evolve
  • Use all the latest–and even future–web standards, so the application gathers minimal technical debt
Table of Contents

Introduction to Databases
Course Overview
Differences among Database Engines, Servers, and Software
Tables, Attributes, and Records
Primary and Foreign Keys
Data Integrity and Consistency
Import and Export Data

Introduction to Database Design
Determine Data Requirements and Relationships
Entity-Relationship Model and Diagrams
Database Normalizing and Normal Forms

Introduction to MS SQL Server
Login to SQL Server Database
Create and Select Database
Backup and Restore Database

Introduction to SQL
SQL Syntax and Comments
Add Tables and Records
Add Consistency Constraints
Update and Delete Records