Learning AWS Lumberyard Game Development

Learning AWS Lumberyard Game Development
Learning AWS Lumberyard Game Development by Dr. Edward Lavieri
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1786460868 | 268 Pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW3 | 35 MB

Create stunning 3D multiplayer games with integrated cloud-based features
Amazon’s Lumberyard is a 3D cross-platform game development engine for building high-quality AAA games. It makes the process of creating multi-player games and adding realistic characters, stunning terrains, and special effects much faster and more efficient.
This book will show you how to use Lumberyard to create a multiplayer 3D game with cloud computing, storage, and Twitch integration for user engagement. We will start with an introduction to Lumberyard and provide an overview of its capabilities and integration options. Once the game engine is installed, we’ll guide you through the creation of an immersive game world with characters. You’ll add animations and audio to bring the game to life. We’ll explore external interactions to support live multiplayer game play, data storage, user engagement, and the back end.
By the end of the book, you will be efficient in building cross-platform games using Lumberyard.
What You Will Learn

  • Explore Lumberyard’s graphical user interface
  • Create stunning game worlds
  • Use Geppetto editor to create 3D characters
  • Create and animate game characters using Lumberyard’s toolset
  • Create impressive gameplay to add multiplayer functionality to your game
  • Debug and play your 3D game
  • Add multiplayer functionality to your game using Amazon GameLift
  • Integrate with Amazon cloud services to support cloud computing and storage
  • Engage your users during gameplay with Twitch