Learning AWS CloudFormation

Learning AWS CloudFormation
Learning AWS CloudFormation
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CloudFormation automates provisioning of networking, security, and other Amazon Web Services. CloudFormation is an integral part of automated infrastructure delivery with AWS, and a must-have for DevOps who want to speed up IT deployments. This course provides the knowledge necessary to start working with this important tool. Explore the anatomy of CloudFormation and the structure of templates, and then find out how to create your own templates to deploy resources such as S3 buckets and EC2 web servers. Instructor Aater Suleman also explores advanced scenarios, such as using parameters and mapping in templates, supporting a continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline, and conditionally including resources, and provides tips for using CloudFormation in teams.

Topics include:

  • Infrastructure as code
  • CloudFormation architecture
  • Templates
  • Deploying S3 buckets and EC2 web servers
  • Debugging
  • Advanced topics
Table of Contents

1 Welcome
2 What you need to know

Infrastructure as Code
3 Infrastructure as code and DevOps

Introduction to CloudFormation
4 CloudFormation in four minutes
5 Taxonomy_ Nouns
6 Taxonomy_ Verbs
7 Taxonomy_ Adjectives

CloudFormation Deep Dive
8 Anatomy of a CloudFormation template
9 Review a simple template
10 Deploy a Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket
11 Find and fix a bug
12 Review complex template
13 Deploy a web server using Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2)
14 CloudFormation teardown

Advanced Topics
15 Advanced features
16 CloudFormation in Teams

17 Next steps