Learning Arduino: Interfacing with Analog Devices

Learning Arduino: Interfacing with Analog Devices
Learning Arduino: Interfacing with Analog Devices
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Arduino helps engineers and DIY enthusiasts build functional, interactive prototypes and electronics projects. Integrating analog devices allows you to take your Arduino projects to the next level, bridging the digital and physical worlds. With analog components, you can collect data from sensors, make motors run, and display information to users. This course teaches you the basics you need to get started. Zahraa Khalil shows how to connect real devices—temperature sensors, LEDs, LDR circuits, joysticks, and stepper motors—to your Arduino board. She explains the wiring and coding you need to get them up and running and showcases the possibilities of Arduino-driven hardware in three mini projects.

Topics include:

  • What are analog devices? Exploring sensors Interpreting sensor values Wiring sensors and circuits Wiring a joystick Wiring a stepper motor Coding to read sensor and circuit data Writing code to use analog output Hands-on Arduino projects
Table of Contents

1 Integrating analog devices with Arduino
2 What you should know before watching
3 What are analog devices
4 Understanding analog-to-digital converters
5 Exploring our temperature sensor (TMP37)
6 Understanding how to interpret the sensor values
7 Interpreting the sensor values
8 Wiring up the temperature sensor
9 Coding to read the temperature sensor
10 LDR (light-dependent resistor) sensor
11 Using a voltage divider with our LDR
12 Wiring up our LDR circuit
13 Coding to read the LDR circuit
14 Joystick module
15 Wiring up our joystick
16 Coding the joystick circuit
17 How Arduino generates analog output
18 Understanding pulse-width modulation (PWM)
19 Understanding the analogWrite function with PWM
20 Wire up an LED
21 Write code to use PWM with the LED
22 Understanding the map() function
23 Wiring a potentiometer to control LED
24 Coding to control the LED with a potentiometer
25 Stepper motor introduction
26 Unipolar stepper motors
27 Stepper motor driver board ULN2003
28 Wiring a stepper motor to Arduino
29 Coding to control the motor directly
30 Exploring the Stepper Library
31 Coding for the stepper motor
32 Coding using the Stepper() function
33 Using the joystick to control LEDs
34 Wiring up the joystick and LEDs
35 Coding for the joystick and LEDs
36 Using an LDR sensor to control a motor
37 Wiring
38 Coding the LDR and sensor
39 Using a joystick to control a motor
40 Wiring up the joystick and motor
41 Coding the joystick and motor
42 Next steps