Learning Agility

Learning Agility
Learning Agility
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Are you on track with your learning goals-staying sharp and getting ahead? In this course, Gary Bolles explains how to develop and follow a learning plan that is customized to how you learn and your learning goals. Gary discusses the importance of learning agility, considering how it contributes to your success. He takes you through the process of making a learning wish list, putting priorities in order, staying on track with your learning commitments, and more.

Topics include:

  • How people learn
  • Creating a learning wish list
  • Establishing a learning plan
  • Prioritizing within a learning plan
  • Committing to learning
  • Making progress toward learning goals
Table of Contents

1 Welcome
2 What you should know

Brainstorming Your Learning Options
3 Understand the phases of how we learn
4 Step into your learning time machine
5 Create your dream learning academy
6 Develop your learning wish list

Your Learning Plan
7 Prioritize what you want to learn
8 Establish your learning plan
9 Stay committed to your learning plan

10 Expand your portfolio of learning
11 The future of learning
12 Next steps - How to remain a lifelong learner