Learn Web Scraping with NodeJs in 2020 – The Crash Course

Learn Web Scraping with NodeJs in 2020 – The Crash Course

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Learn and be great at Web Scraping with NodeJs and tools like: Puppeteer by Google, Request, Cheerio, NightmareJs.

Get into the world of Web Scraping and Data Mining with NodeJs. Learn modern methods of scraping with NodeJs – Puppeteer and with direct NodeJs Requests.

  • Introduce yourself and improve your knowledge on Scraping
  • Learn Scraping with Puppeteer, NightmareJs or Manual Requests
  • Build scraper modules for various websites ( Imdb, twitter, instagram..etc )
  • Learn multiple ways of scraping and when to choose them
  • Get familiar with the ethics, do’s and dont’s of Scraping

Enjoy coding and learning Web Scraping with real world examples and real world problem solving while building scrapers with NodeJs.

Web Scraping is a very gray area and not many talk about it or even teach about this. You are going to find valuable scraping informations and techniques that you can directly put to practice for yourself.

I’ve been working with Data Mining with NodeJs for more than 2 years on dozens of websites and I’ve learned many ways of creating a scraper and the best practices. All of which you are going to find out and learn in just a few hours in this course.

I designed this Web Scraping Crash Course to be easily understood by absolute beginners and people who already have some knowledge about the subject.

Complete crash course with all files and code samples, you’ll be able to work alongside with me as we work through each concept and scraper module.

This is not some random tutorial that you usually find on the internet with extremely simple examples. I am showing you everything that you need to think about when starting to build a scraper with NodeJs, while building, problem solving techniques and all you need to know that by the end of the course to be confident and create one for yourself.

What you’ll learn

  • Create Data Scrapers from Scratch to Finish with NodeJs
  • Choosing the right tools for Scraping different websites
  • How to use the Top Scraping tools for NodeJs to your Advantage
  • How to Automate User Interactions with NodeJs
  • Build Scrapers with Puppeteer by Google
  • Build Scrapers with the native Request & Cheerio
  • Learn how to scrape with NightmareJs
Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Deal with GZIP Compression enabled websites
3 Selectors More Parsing
4 Multiple Movies Saving JSON to File
5 Exporting data to CSV
6 Easiest method of getting the proper selectors
7 Downloading Images Locally
8 Promisifying callback based functions
9 Exposing and working with Custom Functions in Puppeteer
10 Using a Proxy Server
11 Status Codes Error Handling
12 Tools Project Setup
13 Manual Login with CSRF Protection Cookie Parsing
14 Introduction and inspecting the structures
15 Building the scraper
16 Parsing latest posts of an ig user
17 Installation introduction and testing
18 Writing a simple automated task
19 Generating PDFs Emulating Phone Views Getting Title Url of pages
20 Using Puppeteer to login on Instagram
21 Making Websites Load Much Faster with a simple trick
22 HTTP Basic Authentication
23 Writing a Simple IMDB Scraper
24 Ignoring HTTPS SSL Errors Changing the ViewPort
25 Learning how to use Proxies
26 How to login on Twitter
27 Refactoring code and improving it
28 How to post Tweets with Puppeteer
29 Scraping Twitter User Details
30 Scraping More User Details
31 Scraping User Tweets
32 Scraping More Tweet Details Likes Repliesetc
33 Handling The Infinite Loader of the Tweets
34 Why When to Choose Scraping
35 Creating the Module Structure
36 Parsing Product Details
37 More Details and Tricks on the Product Details page of Amazon
38 Installation introduction and testing
39 Talking and testing more about NightmareJs
40 Scraping Ycombinator News with Vanilla Javascript
41 Scraping Ycombinator News More details
42 Scraping Ycombinator News Modulate Pagination
43 Handling Downloads
44 Injecting Custom Javascript
45 The biggest problem with scraping
46 Congratulations
47 Running with Terminal CMD Basics on VSCode Debugger
48 The Request library method
49 The Browser Automation method
50 How to spoof add custom request headers