Learn TypeScript for Angular Development

Learn TypeScript for Angular Development
Learn TypeScript for Angular Development
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Harness the capabilities of TypeScript to build cutting-edge web apps with Angular

TypeScript 2.x adds optional static types, classes, and modules to JavaScript, giving you great tools and enabling you to structure of large JavaScript applications better. In this course, we’ll teach you how to leverage the exciting features of TypeScript while working on Angular projects to build scalable, data-intensive web applications.

We’ll begin with an introduction to TypeScript and Angular framework, where you will install the TypeScript compiler and learn the most important secrets of the TypeScript language such as types, functions, classes, interfaces and start working in the Angular environment. The next section describes the introduction to components in the Angular framework using TypeScript. Using Angular CLI, you will create your first component, learn how to compose components, learn lifecycle methods in Angular, and respond to the user actions with events. The third section describes the services in the Angular framework, where you will learn about dependency injection and services in the Angular framework, create your first service, which will inject into the component and for service.

The next section describes modules, directives, pipes and two-way data binding, where you will learn about modules in the Angular framework, find out what directives are and how to use them, create your own custom directive, add an external directive, transform data with pipes, and create two-way data binding in two ways. In the next section, you will learn how to create a reactive form, handle the form and validate the data. The sixth section describes the routing strategies, where you will create an example routing configuration, add links thanks to which it will be possible to navigate without reloading the page, handle routing.

The last section is an introduction to testing and debugging, where you will learn about the tests, the types of tests, learn how to debug code using Chrome dev tools, and create component tests.

This step-by-step guide covers the fundamentals of TypeScript and Angular with practical examples. Each chapter introduces a set of TypeScript language and Angular framework features that will help you build awesome applications.

What You Will Learn

  • Move from loose types to predictable strict types
  • Write self-documented API methods and data structures
  • Understand custom generic types for complex data structures
  • Implement a contract with interfaces
  • Enhance Dependency Injection in Angular via class constructors
  • Explore TypeScript advanced types
  • Build interactive web apps with Angular and TypeScript
Table of Contents

The Course Overview
TypeScript Introduction
Installing and Running TypeScript Compiler
Basic Types
Working with Functions
Deep-Dive into Classes and Interfaces
Writing Reusable Code with Generics
Setting up Angular and TypeScript
Creating Component
Component Composition
Lifecycle Hooks
Listening to the Events
An Introduction to Dependency Injection (DI)
Creating and Injecting a Service
Injecting a Service into Another Service
Understanding Modules
Writing Powerful Directives
Transforming Data with Pipes
Two-Way Data Binding
Creating a Dynamic Form Component
Handling Forms
Form Validation the Right Way
Setting Up the Routes
Navigating to Different Routes Through Links
Handling Routes
An Introduction to Testing
Debugging with Dev Tools
Testing the Components