Learn PHP Basics

Learn PHP Basics
Learn PHP Basics
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Guide to learning the core concept of PHP coding, covering fundamental PHP coding syntax and how to use it

Learn PHP, this course covers core functionally of PHP code. Learn the basics of using PHP code to create web applications.

From an instructor with over 15 years of PHP application development experience, let us introduce you to using PHP. PHP lets you create dynamically generated websites, quickly.

PHP is a scripting language that helps people make web pages more interactive, by allowing them to do more things.

PHP is a powerful scripting language that runs on your server and allows you to provide accelerate your web pages. PHP is the most popular backend code for most websites on the internet you see today. PHP is everywhere, from large to small sites. Learning PHP will help you expand what you can do with Websites.

PHP is designed for large websites, creating a customized user experience, and creating amazing dynamically generated content for users. PHP can connect database content to your website, gather form information from users and a whole lot more.

Table of Contents

Introduction to PHP coding
PHP course introduction
Tools for PHP coding
Install XAMPP Localhost Machine
Course Resources

Core PHP fundamental concepts
PHP course how to output content
PHP course using include and require
PHP datatype
Working With Arrays
Data Types and Array resources
PHP course difference between single and double quotes
PHP course PHP Conditional Statements
PHP course switch statements
Source Code Conditions and Switch Statements
PHP course Looping
Source Code Loops
PHP course working with Functions
Functions Source

Object Oriented PHP
PHP course Object Oriented PHP
PHP course properties and methods
PHP course multiple objects different data