Learn Kotlin by Developing Android Apps

Learn Kotlin by Developing Android Apps

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Grasp the intricacies of Kotlin and equip yourself to develop premium Android apps from novice to pro

Kotlin has been making waves ever since it was open sourced by JetBrains in 2011; it has been praised by developers across the world and is already being adopted by companies. This video provides a detailed introduction to Kotlin that shows you all its features and will enable you to write Kotlin code to production. We start with the basics: get you familiar with running Kotlin code, setting up, tools, and instructions that you can use to write basic programs. Next, we cover object oriented code: functions and properties – all while using Kotlin’s new features.

What You Will Learn

  • Develop an Android application with Kotlin
  • Use the Android Studio development environment.
  • Kotlin syntax and strategies.
  • Integrate with apps on the Android device.
  • How to integrate with external data.
Table of Contents

01 The Course Overview
02 Uses and Advantages of Kotlin
03 Object Oriented versus Functional Programming
04 Create a Kotlin Project in Android Studio
05 Kotlin Syntax Overview
06 Kotlin for the Java Developer
07 Project Design Document
08 Understanding the AndroidTM Project Structure
09 Layouts
10 Add Widgets to a Layout
11 Handle a Button Click
12 Declaring Variables
13 Functions
14 Convert Java to Kotlin
15 Override Methods with AsyncTask
16 Create and Refactor a Function
17 Classes
18 Create a Class to Represent a Plant
19 Objects
20 Example – Objects, Collections
21 Null Checks
22 Intents
23 Example – Camera, Image Gallery
24 Broadcast Receivers
25 Example – Broadcast Receiver
26 Change Colors on UI Elements
27 Implementation – Change Colors Based on Feedback
28 Making Decisions
29 Example – Making Decisions
30 Parsing
31 Example – JSON Parse
32 Overriding toString()
33 Image Overview and Strategy
34 Example – Download an Image from the Web
35 Display an Image from the Web
36 Finishing Touches
37 Wrap-up