JavaScript in Action JavaScript Projects

JavaScript in Action JavaScript Projects
JavaScript in Action JavaScript Projects
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Guide to create JavaScript coded applications like an online calculator from scratch

JavaScript is the most popular programming language online. I’ve designed this course to show you some really amazing things that you can do with JavaScript.

Within this course you will learn to create an online JavaScript calculator application from scratch. Learn how to create applications like this while learning more about using and applying JavaScript.

JavaScript is easy to use and creating applications in JavaScript can add a lot of value to your websites. Web visitors enjoy interaction and having the ability to interact with your web content. I’ve been using and creating JavaScript applications for over 15 years and am always amazed at the capabilities it has. You can do so many amazing things with JavaScript.

Within this course we show you how to add event listeners to classes, create and update calculations right on your webpage, and make updates to the application to provide more functionality.

Table of Contents

How to work with JavaScript
1 Intro.mp4
2 What is Bootstrap
3 Bootstrap CDN Resource
4 JavaScript get element details
5 Source code for get element
6 JavaScript indexOf
7 JavaScript Slice String
8 JavaScript slice substring
9 Source Code

Build Project – JavaScript Calculator
10 JavaScript Action HTML CSS setup
11 JavaScript Action class event listeners
12 JavaScript Action output to screen
13 JavaScript in Action Button Actions
14 JavaScript Action onclick calculations
15 JavaScript Action Tweak
16 JavaScript Action adding decimals
17 Source Code