Learn IP Subnetting the Easy Way: Confident Bit Masking

Learn IP Subnetting the Easy Way: Confident Bit Masking
Learn IP Subnetting the Easy Way: Confident Bit Masking
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The pros can subnet easily. Learn the secrets of the professionals and subnet like a networking master.

In this course you will learn how to subnet IP addresses in preparation for a certification exam or your networking career.

Learn how to subnet in your sleep (or at least no longer have nightmares about subnetting).

  • Learn how to convert binary numbers to decimal numbers and vice-versa.
  • Learn how to subnet.
  • Learn how to answer the most common subnetting exam questions.

Take the fear away from subnetting and feel comfortable under exam pressure!

Let’s admit it. Subnetting is usually one of the most difficult skills to master for new network administrators. I’ve taught networking students to subnet since 2003 and the problem for most students is that they aren’t that good at math. But subnetting doesn’t even use math we’re used to so it can be even more confusing.

Over ten years ago I developed lectures on subnetting for a college that were so powerful I was asked to write a textbook by a major textbook publisher. The challenge was that the lectures were so powerful that I was also offered a promotion and had to move. That meant that I couldn’t finish the textbook, but it gives you the ability to experience the content here.

This course contains the original textbook material in article form along with explanatory video lectures, quizzes, and case problems so you get the best of both worlds. You’ll get all of the information you need in the video lectures, but you can also read the textbook content, take the quizzes, and complete the case problems to increase your learning.

I designed this course to be easy and accessible to beginners yet also good if you’ve learned subnetting before and just need a refresher.

At the end of this course you’ll know all of the basics of IP addresses and subnetting and be ready for your career or certification exams.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

Numbering Systems
2 Decimal Numbering System
3 Decimal Numbering System.html
4 Binary Numbering System
5 Converting Decimal Numbers to Binary Numbers
6 Converting Binary Numbers to Decimal Numbers
7 Binary Numbering System.html
8 Quiz Explanation
Numbering Systems Quiz.html

IP Addressing
9 What Are Addresses
10 IP Addresses
11 Hosts and Networks
12 IP Address Classes
13 IP Addresses Octets and Classes.html
14 IP Address Class First Octet Ranges
15 Default Subnet Masks
16 Default Subnet Masks and IP Address Class First Octet Ranges.html
17 IP Address Class Uses
18 IP Address Class Uses.html
19 Network Addresses ANDing and Broadcast Addresses
20 Network Addresses ANDing and Broadcast Addresses.html
21 Private IP Addresses
22 Private IP Addresses.html
23 Quiz Explanation
IP Address Quiz.html

Case Problems – Part 1
24 Case Problem 1 Converting Between Numbering Systems.html
25 Case Problem 1 Solution
26 Case Problem 2 Default Host Network and Broadcast Addresses.html
27 Case Problem 2 Solution
28 Case Problem 3 Finding Networks with ANDing.html
29 Case Problem 3 Solution
30 Case Problem 4 Finding the Network and Broadcast Addresses from a Host Address.html
31 Case Problem 4 Solution
32 Case Problem 5 A Large Web Design Company.html
33 Case Problem 5 Solution
34 Case Problem 6 A Large Financial Company.html
35 Case Problem 6 Solution

Subnetting IP
36 Why Subnet
37 Classful and Classless Subnet Masks
38 Subnetting Basics.html
39 Class C Valid Subnet Masks
40 Class C Number of Networks and Hosts
41 Class C Finding Valid Host Network and Broadcast Addresses
42 Class C Subnetting.html
43 Class B Valid Subnet Masks
44 Class B Number of Networks and Hosts
45 Class B Finding Valid Host Network and Broadcast Addresses
46 Class B Subnetting.html
47 Class A Valid Subnet Masks
48 Class A Number of Networks and Hosts
49 Class A Finding Valid Host Network and Broadcast Addresses
50 Class A Subnetting.html
51 Quiz Explanation
Subnetting IP Quiz.html

Simple Subnetting
52 Simple Subnetting
53 Simple Subnetting.html
54 Quiz Explanation
Simple Subnetting Quiz.html

Other Useful Information
55 Classless Interdomain Routing CIDR
56 Classless Interdomain Routing CIDR.html
57 Quiz Explanation
Other Useful Information Quiz.html

Case Problems – Part 2
58 Case Problem 7 Auto Parts Manufacturer.html
59 Case Problem 7 Solution
60 Case Problem 8 Mortgage Brokerage.html
61 Case Problem 8 Solution
62 Case Problem 9 A Large Corporation.html
63 Case Problem 9 Solution
64 Case Problem 10 A Client Organization.html
65 Case Problem 10 Solution
66 Case Problem 11 Another Client Organization.html
67 Case Problem 11 Solution

68 Conclusion