Learn Database Design with MySQL

Learn Database Design with MySQL
Learn Database Design with MySQL
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A Complete Course to Master Database Design using MySQL

Database design is one of the most important aspects of web programming. Successful implementation of any system with data storage will always need proper database design. In order to create great database design you will not only have to master database technology but will also have to master database design process and normalization. This course will also teach you SQL and you will be a SQL power user by the end of this course. You will start with a basic introduction to data storage and will follow it up with storage engines and other tools. You will also learn about MySQL installation and database design process. Database design, normalization, structure mapping, keys, and junction tables come next. The next units will teach you SQL and Advance SQL and you will also learn to use PHP with MySQL. This complete database course will help you become a database design guru.

This course will teach you the nuances of proper database design. It will teach you all the hidden tips and tricks and will ensure that you learn all the major concepts of a proper database design.

What You Will Learn

  • To Learn Database design Process
  • To Learn Database Normalization
  • To Learn Database development using MySQL
  • To Master SQL
  • To Learn to use PHP with MySQL
Table of Contents

1 Intro

2 What is a Database
3 MySQL Overview
4 Understanding Storage Engines
5 Understanding Data Types

Getting Started With MySQL
6 Windows Installation
7 Linux Installation
8 Environment Setup With Xampp
9 PHPMyAdmin
10 MySQL Workbench Setup

Planning & Design
11 Principles & Normalization
12 Database Design Process
13 Map Out Structure

Creating A Database
14 Create Tables & Columns
15 Importing & Exporting
16 Relations & Foriegn Keys
17 Junction Tables

SQL Fundamentals
18 Command Line & Inserting Data
19 Basic Select Queries
20 Updating & Deleting Data
21 Aliases & Joins

Advanced SQL
22 Union, Concat & Count
23 Using the IN Clause
24 Math & Subqueries
25 Using Group By

26 PHP Fundamentals
27 Template & MySQL Connect
28 Select & Display With PHP
29 Insert Data With PHP
30 Update & Delete With PHP
31 Wrap up