Learn the basics of C++ fast

Learn the basics of C++ fast
Learn the basics of C++ fast
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Learn c++ fast through videos and quizes

This course covers the basics of C++. We begin with the complete basics, stuff like:

  • Printing text to the console
  • Taking input from the user
  • Variables

We move on to the if statement, creating loops and working with files.

Then we work with files, create functions, classes and structures.

In the end of this course, we learn about header files and pointers.

C++ is one of the most amazing programming languages to learn, and is widely used, ranging from creating games to developing anti-viruses.

If you are an absolute beginner in C++, this course is definitely for you!

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Visual studio

Inputoutput variables
3 First program
4 main
5 Variables Part 1
6 Variables Part 2
7 Variables Part 3
8 Variables Part 4
9 Why multiple variable types
10 Taking input from the user
11 Arrays
Input output and variables.html

If Else statement switch statement
12 ifelse
13 else if
14 Switch statement
ifelse switch.html

Comments and Operators
16 operators
Comments and operators.html

17 While loop
18 Do while loop
19 The for loop

Working with files
20 Open file
21 Writing to text files
22 Asking user what to write to the file
23 Reading from files Part 1
24 Reading from files Part 2
25 Check if file is open
26 Closing files

27 Outputting text to the console and taking input using functions
28 Function with arguments
29 Function that runs loops
30 Printing out an Array using a function

Structures and Classes
31 Structures
32 Classes

Header files
33 Header files

34 Pointers